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[VX Ace] Character keeps moving

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This bug reared its ugly head literally few days ago. Now every game has my character walk to left automaticly. I tried to unplug the USB controller and I tried turning the power off the keyboard and back but they've not helped. I have also shut down the computer and literally kept it off for entire night and it's still on when I tried it today. :firerain:

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Well, those are normally all the steps I would take. Maybe try doing them all at once? Ie. unplug everything, shut it down, restart, and then plug them back in one by one.

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Try copying it one by one and paste it in a blank game.. Don't copy all, try running the game while copying it one by one... If that moment happen again while you copy something, that's the problem. You should change that.. :) If you copied it all delete the old one... There's no connection of putting usb controller or any devices... :)