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Musician For >Free<

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Hi everyone,

I've been writing music for a few years now and I'm currently scoring my own game at the moment. I'm offering my music writing abilities to anyone who wants some original tracks for their game. I try to be as diverse in my writing ability as possible.

You can check out just a few of the songs I've written here:


The things I don't write:

  • Lyrics
  • Not very much dance/electronic

Things I do write:

  • Battle themes
  • Town themes
  • Love themes
  • Character themes
  • Main themes
  • Trailer music (music designed to go with a particular video/cutscene)
  • Looping tracks

For those wondering, I use Guitar Pro 6, Fruity Loops Studio, Pro Scores and Designer Sound FX to create everything.

I really just want to start making music for other games besides my own, so if you have any requests, please either leave them below or PM me. Make sure you at least give me this info:

1) Is it for a trailer? Looping? Cutscene?
2) How long should it be?
3) Describe the mood it should be. Is the scene sad, happy, epic, desperate?
4) What instruments should I stick to? Classical? Rock? Metal? Spanish? No Drums? No Guitars?
5) If it is for a character, describe the character. If it is for a city, describe the city. etc.

Side note, if anyone is a vocalist and wants to collab on some songs, I'd love to work together.
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Level 90
Sounds very similar to my history, I'm sorry to say that in my experience, rpg maker doesn't pay. However I am always hoping a "Dream Team" will come together at some point and produce something that is worth being apart of.

I listened to some of your stuff, I'm digging it, at least this has earned you another follower ;)

Level 87
When in doubt, learn to do everything yourself and just do it for yourself. I'm about a year into making a game that has about 10 hours of gameplay so far. Probably be done with the main story/gameplay by summer.