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XAS Mouse Action System 1.3

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XAS Mouse Action System 1.3

Hello everyone!

Long time no posting something new around this forums, here we go.

This is an ADD-ON for Xiderows Action System (XAS) that allow you to perform attacks by clicking over the icons on a skill bar set.

- Performs attacks by clicking ivos over the skill bar
- Switch tools as never before with a clickable item menu
- A new overdrive button created on the screen
- New WASD movenmet added so you can move using WASD keys ^^
- A new super easy enemy target selector added!

Game controls 
WASD or the arrows MOVEMENT
LEFT CLICK               - Perform attacks (decision button)
LEFT CLICK AND HOLD      - Perform special attacks
RIGHT CLICK              - Call menu and close windows

- This is for the latest version of XAS HERO 3.91 only
if you are upgrading your current xas 3.91 just copy and paste the scripts below XAS SYSTEM and above any other script
Import the "Arrow" icon to your icon folder and "Skill Bar" picture to your picture folder
Download demo ^^

Xas Mouse 1.4

Thanks to SephirothSpawn for the mouse module

Clicking attacks

The new fast and easy tool selection

Quick target selector
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This..is...SO good O_O

Is there a caterpillar function so your party members can fight along with you? xD And if not, is it even a possibility?

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Heya, i really want to try out this script!

However, I tether my net through my phone and i have moved 300+ miles away from it's home tower; so I can't reliably download anything at all.. lol

Could you post up the script for me so I can copy/paste it?

thanks. :)

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Am I allowed to use this in a commercial game?