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[VXA] jomarcenter event shop (totally free)

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Level 72
Jomarcenter - MJM
well i need practice on evening so i open a event shop...
just post what you need here in this form system...
name of system:
how the script does:
what script require such system:
do you want to make it private or public use:

here is some of the event system i made...
event created:
elevator system

and also you can give me the game for free if you want it also (since i work hard on it)...
you can credit me if you want but if you don't just don't include my name...
note: i'm only avalable on fri and sat and Philippines dated holidays
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Level 65
Working on Monster Leader
Contestant - GIAW 9
Jomar, why don't you try doing events in your games?
starting with NPC, some story events...
There's much work on your own project!