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[vx] getting battle victory music to loop?

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I wrote some MIDI music for the old RM2k/2k3 makers years ago, and that included a MIDI battle victory song.

This song was designed to play a quick introduction, then has a controller change to loop after the 5th measure.  This worked great with the old RPG maker, however it seems RMVX needs to be an ME, designed to play a quick fanfare style song that ends on it's own (and doesn't recognize looping controls), rather than a BGM which still has the looping funcitonality. Plus, the song does not stop after a battle ends, it plays to its full resolution.

Anyone have ideas/advice to get this to function like the older RPG Makers?  It would be nice to have the functionality I designed it to have - play the intro and loop the 2nd part, up until the player exits the battle results screen.
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Yanfly's Victory Aftermath does just that.