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[RMXP][Request] Farming system?

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Im trying to make a Harvest Moon-ish game, and i can't figure out how to set up a Farming system that allows many choices of seeds to plant, in many spots. If youve ever played Harvest Moon, you know what I mean. I don't know if this can be done without using a whole crapload of variables and switches, or if i have to use a script, but please help!!!!
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I believe this would require a multitude of scripts and common events.

You could set up a script that opens a menu when you press a button,
then use common events that checks inventory to populate said menu
with a list of items that you could use/drop stuff like that.

If you're not planning on using scripts, it would be a very complicated
and a long list of "Show Choices" / "Conditional Branches" common event.
With events on the map that change different variables telling the Common
events if you're planning on digging/planting sprouts and seeds/etc etc.

Also it wouldn't look as good. Sorry I can't exactly give you a perfect answer. lol

Edit: I was browsing Chaos-project forums and found this gem.

It's "Dynamic Gardening" but it may prove useful in your efforts!
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Currently looking for help with some HUD scripts!
Any advice is welcome!