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RMXP Battle event when party defeated?

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So, feel like a derp here. Usually can find answers to my problems via google or the forum search.. Not this time!

Anywho, I'm trying to get an event to run within a battle that your supposed to lose, then blah blah blah a new guy steps in and handles things for you while your dead. I have the event written inside the Troops section for the designated mob and the only relevant way I can find to get the event to start is using the "If character hp = < ?% option. So thinking logically, I set it to trigger once I reach 0%. Go to test it out, and as expected, I get smacked for 42k and as unexpected, my event never takes place. My character just plops to the floor in agony, followed by the gameover screen trolling my face!

The event works fine if I set it to happen at say.. 90% hp or on turn such and such so the event is working as intended. I just need help getting it to activate once I plop to the floor.

Edit: For the time being, I found a crapper way around it.. Basically I set the continue after dying option, then within the "If Lose" section I set it to start a replica battle process only in this one, it's set to begin on turn 0 thus making it happen immidiatley. That will do for now, but the obvious cost of this work around is leaving the battle and the player gets to see himself out of the battle and has to hear the start battle sound effect and watch the transition of another fight starting :(

So yeah, still need to get this worked out eventually...

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I think I might be able to help with that. Try setting on turn 1 a Force Action event for the OTK, then have other events follow that. That should properly set your event where the guy comes in and fights while you are knockout.
Link to my game is here.
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