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Tileset Creator Edit

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Tileset Creator
Version: 1
Author: game_guy / edited by ThallionDarkshine
Date: May 4, 2012

Planned Future Versions

  • Version 1.1 - More snapping options and changing tile opacity


Some of you may remember game_guy's old tileset creator. Well I just downloaded it a few days ago, and it is Awesome!! However, I found a few errors in it, and a few functions that I found it lacking in. So here is my edit of the tileset creator, complete with several new features and a few bug fixes.

Note. I just finished working out changing opacity and saturation in the tileset creator. After I finish the documentation for it I will post a link to the updated version.


  • Snap to Grid or Point
  • Drag in erase mode to erase multiple tiles
  • Change Tileset Height!!!



Instructions are contained in the script.


You should probably just download the demo. It has lots of objects to use in tilesets and all necessary libraries included.


  • game_guy
  • ThallionDarkshine


  • game_guy for writing this amazing script in the first place


Just post all errors on this forum and I'll help you as quickly as I can.

Known Compatibility Issues

None that I know of.



Terms of Use

Use freely.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized that I didn't follow the script template at all.
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Please post a new link for download.  File not found is all I get when I click on your link.  OR post the edits you made here.  I have Game_guy's old version so I can update it with your script, but I really want the ability to alter the size of the tileset.

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Why not just use an image editor like gimp?

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um, I don't know, cause I'm lazy I guess.  Also I have a few image editors and none of them have grids made up of 32x32 pixel squares with "snap to grid" features.  This one was made specifically for making tilesets.  Does GIMP have snap to grid, or (one of the ones I have) photoshop?