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[VX] Scene Tutorial Request

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This Custom Menu Tutorial was epic in showing how to make a custom menu.

But it doesn't explain Calling Scene's or how to make a custom one. For instance after  $scene =StatSystem.new what comes next? Can a person show how to add the "Meat" to the "Bones" of the Custom Menu?

I checked on here, http://www.rpgrevolution.com/tutorials.html, and Google. And I'm using RPG Maker VX.
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I haven't worked with RGSS2/3 yet, but I did teach myself RGSS in RMXP a while back. What I would suggest doing is to go into the pre-existing scripts for the different windows that come with the program and simply look at their method. With this, you should be able to take the code straight from that class and put it into your own, only changing certain names  to match the name of the scene you made.