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Other World System Q.

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I don't know where this would go exactly.

I've yet to buy RPG Maker VX, but am going to soon. I've heard that the System has a Limited amount of Maps.

My question is this. Is there enough Maps to make a System that were a Person Dies they can be teleported to a Map representing an Underworld [based on Good, Evil, or Neutral Alignment], and is there Enough Maps to allow for "Astral Projection", or Moving from a World Map to Another one and back by a Button Push?

Thank you all for your time in advanced.



PS: Off topic but can the Blue Text, on Blue Dotted Verification be altered to more readable lettering on this Site?

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rmvx does not have limited maps but limited tile sets which you use to design maps. so yes you can do what ever you want including maps and how many or what there used on. :) but about the switching between maps i don't know. you may be able to set an event on every little box on the map and put it to transfer, to world map and set the activation to pushing enter so when there walking you can just push enter and teleport. hope this helped  :tpg:
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Thanks ^_^. That did help actually. I think I can touch up a Teleport Script for the moving. but not having to worry about running out of Space for my stuff ^_^.