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VXAce Database - Rough Translations

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Thought it's own thread would work nicely. These are rough (and non-professional) translations of what VXAce has to offer us, for those who get lost whilst using/looking at the Japanese trial version. It is not an official translation - that's already being done by another group of people. Think of this as information or a simple guide to what the program can do (or can't do).

There's a lot of kanji I don't know in here so it might take a while.

People who have used the previous instalments will quickly be able to recognise, even in another language, what each of the tabs in the database lead to. The only difference between VX and VXAce is the reintroduction of the "Tileset" tab where one can do some very nifty things like create customised tilesets from base sets.

I'll quickly run through each of the tabs, though, and give them some labels.

I will stress that these are not accurate translations - for most part I can easily figure what they do and have provided an interpretation. Notes will be made where translations were not obvious and I have made assumptions.

So, moving on.

Spoiler for Actors:

The actor tab is different in comparison to the VX and XP versions. There are notable differences:
  • Start and End levels can be specified again. This was last seen RMXP and was taken out of VX
  • Stats such as Attack, Defence and Agility are no longer Actor specific. Instead these are now set in the Class tab
  • The Exp Curve is no longer attached to the actor either. This is now a part of the Class too
  • A nickname can be given that will be shown on the actor status screen
  • A biography section has been added; this also is shown on the status screen
  • Actors can be given traits separate to their given class traits. Whether this overwrites the traits from classes is unknown as of yet - I'd have to check to the scripts
  • Additional options such as "Fix Equipment" and "Two Swords Style" are missing from the main tab. There may be a traits option for this, but until I finish translating those I have no idea

The status scene was checked to see what actor properties were shown and were to determine things like Nickname and Biography.

Spoiler for Classes:

So the stats we can easily assign: HP, MP, Attack, Defence, Magic Attack, Magic Defence, Agility and Luck.

The Learnings section for skill assignment is pretty similar, except we now also have a "Memo" section. Maybe to remind ourselves what the skill does? You could use words like Buff, Offensive, Heal etc here perhaps.

Spoiler for Traits: Tolerances/Immunities:

I used immunities, though I think the kanji (taisei) is more accurately translated as Tolerance. Pretty much the same idea; this page of traits is for setting up elemental and status proficiencies and resistances.

The "*100%" is likely to mean "This class takes 100% damage from this element" or "This class is 100% susceptible to this debuff". The last drop down menu doesn't have this % value, but does refer to the States section of the database. Perhaps this indicates a full immunity to the selected debuff for the given class.

The strange this is that there is Elemental, Debuff and State in this list. The script also includes 4 parameters for a battler:

Code: [Select]
  FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE  = 11              # ?????
  FEATURE_DEBUFF_RATE   = 12              # ?????
  FEATURE_STATE_RATE    = 13              # ???????
  FEATURE_STATE_RESIST  = 14              # ???????

The actual meaning behind those:

ELEMENT_RATE : Attribute Effectiveness
DEBUFF_RATE : Weakness Effectiveness
STATE_RATE : State Effectiveness
STATE_RESIST : Disable State

I guess Element and State are the affinity values for the class (how good a class is with that element/state), Debuff is how susceptible to a status they are and Resist is complete immunity (state effect is null against class).

Speculation at the very most.

I'll keep expanding this as I can. Also, feel free to request a certain thing to be looked into if you want to know more.

On a random note, because I just finished a shopping script for VX, I figured I'd look into that. Seems you can chose whether to use the default price from the database or set a new price for that particular shop instance.
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haha, I was actually going to send you a PM asking if you wanted me to split your post from the big topic since I thought it would work as its own topic too.

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The post would get lost if I continued editing the original, or would be so spaced out if I kept adding to the original. I'm going to edit the original though to include a link to this thread in the event someone reads through that one first.

I don't know what the limit is to the number of characters allowed in a single post. If it's likely that it would be reached after going through the whole database, I'll probably just make individual posts for each particular thing and provide links to the posts themselves in the OP - if that's not a problem, of course.
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I've been using a translated version of the trial, and I can fill in a few blanks regarding traits.

Left to right, the tabs are 'Tolerance', 'Parameters', 'Attack', 'Skills', 'Equipment', and 'Other'. The Tolerance tab is pretty much as you said, so I'll just briefly cover the others.

Bear in mind that these aren't my translations, but taken from the translation that I've been using. I can't guarantee how accurate these are, as I haven't tested any yet, but hopefully in the next few days I should have some time to take a look.
Parameters: This tab has three options - 'Normal', 'Additional', and 'Special' ability values.

Normal Values are 'HP', 'MP', 'Attack', 'Defense', 'Magic Attack', 'Magic Defense', 'Agility' and 'Luck'.

Additional Ability Values are 'Hit Rate', 'Evasion Rate', 'Satisfaction Rate' and 'Satisfaction Evasion Rate' (No idea what these are supposed to be), 'Magic Evasion Rate', 'Magic Reflection', 'CounterAttack Rate', and 'HP', 'MP' and 'TP Regeneration Rates'.

Special Ability Values are 'Accuracy Rate', 'Defense Effect Rate', 'Recovery Effect Rate', 'Knowledge In Medicine', 'MP Cost Rate', 'TP Charge Rate', 'Physical Damage Rate', 'Magic Damage Rate', 'Floor Damage Rate', and 'Experience Acquisition Rate'. I'm not too sure about some of the Special Ability Values - 'Knowledge in Medicine' in particular is rather unusual, and hopefully I'll be able to test it soon.

Attack: These are fairly straight forward - we have 'Attribute on Attack', 'State on Attack', 'Attack Speed Correction', and 'Additional Attacks', though I'm not sure what effect 'Attack Speed Correction' has.

Skills: Under the Terms tab of the Database, the bottom-left box is for Skill Types. Only two are set by default in the Trial version, and I believe they translate roughly as Skill and Magic. The Skills Tab has four options again - 'Additional Skill Type' and 'Sealed Skill Type' enable you to add/remove skills categorised under the different Skill Types, and the other two options, 'Additional Skill' and 'Sealed Skill' serve the same function, but with individual skills rather than whole groups.

Equipment: The first two options, 'Weapon Equipment Type' and 'Armor Equipment Type' are to select the categories of weapons and armor a given class/actor can equip. These categories are also defined in the Terms tab; Weapon Types in the Upper Right, and Armor Types in the Lower Right. The third and fourth are 'Fixed' and 'Sealed' Equipment, and the final option is Slot Type, which enables you to choose Dual Wielding. Selecting Dual Wield as a trait for a class also changes the initial equipment for an actor of that class (from shield to weapon 2).

Other: Now, I'm not too sure what a lot of these do, but I'll list them anyway.

First option is 'Number of Additional Actions'.

The second is 'Special Flag', containing 'Automatic Combat', 'Guard', 'Substitute', and 'TP Carried Over'.

The third option is 'Extinguishment Effect', with 'Boss, 'Instant Elimination', and 'Doesn't disappear'.

Finally, the last option is 'Party Ability', which contains 'Encounters Reduced by Half', 'Encounters Disabled', 'Surprise Attacks Disabled', 'Preemptive Strike Rate Up', 'Double Currency Acquisition Rate', and 'Double Item Acquisition Rate'.

Again, I'm not entirely sure what is meant by some of these terms. I'm still relatively new to the RPG Maker series anyway, so there's still a lot for me to learn. So, it might be the translation, or just me, but I'll hopefully get a chance to explore some of the more ambiguous effects in the next few days.