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(vx) sticking to event

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Level 69
Is there any button-activated way to stick to and let go of an event? It's annoying how events can follow you but you can only follow them if you painstakingly time movement events right :P

Level 84
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Note that I haven't tested this, but it should work. The logic behind seems pretty easy.

  • Make a Parallel Process that checks the particular events x and y and clumps them onto a variable if a certain switch is ON (through common events or regular events, you figure it out).
  • If the x value of the event changes, make the player move left/right depending on whether it shrunk or rose. Do the same with the y value.
  • Turn the switch ON/OFF if the player presses or does whatever.

Level 69
somehow the events are interfering with the kgc day/night script xD
I must have messed something up cuz that makes no sense whatsoever

edit: it works  now sweet lol, had to DN_VOID the map :p
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