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[VX] World Map System

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Virakin of the Darkness Arcana
OK, I plan on making the two distinguished features for my RMVX project and wanted to get a little feedback, some help and advice to possible fix anything I might miss or screw up on. The features are the "World Map" and the "Dialogue Box" with a Gift and Request option added to them. But I'm going to just talk about the World Map System which is what I need done first.

Basically the World Map is a sprite-drawn map or hand-drawn picture where spots/icons to point out a location of that area on the map. Like in the video games "Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask" and "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" with their World Maps.

And new paths will open up to new areas after completing a dungeon (forest/swamp/mountain/etc) or reach a part in the story with a trail or little dots connecting the new area to a previous area. The player will be walking in place over the area or icon with the top right a little box (Picture event, maybe) telling you what area it is.

I'm thinking of using Events to display the icons of the area (all of them) but cannot reach until the little trail connects them, which would be either Pictures or Events with Pictures to bridge the gap, where the Player will transport/warp on the same screen to that point by pressing the arrow keys up, down, left, or right and by pressing the space key (whatever is the Action Button) you will be transported into that area. I could also add an option to pop-up to be transported at the beginning or other side of the area once you completed to look for items or enemies that are near the end of the level.

Will this work? It's to make World Traveling easier in the game project I have in mind, and I think it would be easier if the was sprite-drawn but given VX "Tileset" system which I don't like... hand-drawn seems my best option at this point.

So far I manage to get the World Map to display and have the Player Icon to move over the Area Icons to indicate which part you are on the map and where you want to go. Unfortunately I've hit a snag where I cannot press the Space button to enter into the map or when it does somehow I forget to remove the pictures and when I do add in the Erase Picture event it doesn't work.

Here's what I did so far:

On the [World Map] map I made I added two Events, both Parallel Events -

This one is to display all the images on the World Map.

And this is setting up the system to allow the player to move their cursor or avatar over an area to enter and press the Space/Action button to be ask if they want to enter the area.

This is what is looks like, a quick drawing in paint to setup the system faster, which shows the world map, the area icon (the small orange "c" shape), and the cursor/avatar (a WIP of the main character of my game, still need some fine tuning):

When pressing the Arrow Keys the avatar cursor will hover upon the area. But I've encounter a problem where is I hover over the and when I press the Action Button it doesn't display the option to enter the area or not unless I'm quick enough to press it upon the avatar cursor hovering over the area immediately which isn't what it's suppose to do.

This is what I setup for when the player leaves the area to the World Map:

Which works fine.

But key problems are getting the Action Button to work correctly when having to wait for the player's action and getting the World Map pictures to disappear when entering an area. I've tried doing that with a Common Event to be called to erase the Pictures, but it didn't work.

To see what I mean check out this video of Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask with its World Map system, go to 4:20 to see the Map:

Or here's a picture of how the World Map is setup in the game:

Here's the Super Mario RPG World Map, around 5:40 is a good start:

And picture:

But I'm leaning more on the Inuyasha version more, except without the window box showing the a screenshot of what's inside that area.
I NEED this type of World Map system for my RMVX project I'm working on. Can anyone help me and point out what mistakes I made in this so I can fix it?

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Virakin of the Darkness Arcana

Here's a video of what I've accomplished so far with the World Map System:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdzwuCNbeGg" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdzwuCNbeGg</a>

I do believe I have a few little 'errors' I need to iron out first to make this work perfectly and I need to make it more less clutter together so it more simpler and user-friendly to newbies for want to use it. But what do you think, pretty good so far?

And you can download the World Map System here: