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[VX] Event Based Health (HUD) System V1.0

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Event Based Health System


I've cleaned up the whole system changing several things making it more efficient a new download will be placed soon.

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking and creating and event based health system that displays your characters health in game. I am happy to say that version 1.0 is complete and that I am sharing it with you all. This health system will also be implemented in my event based battle system which is currently being made.

I've also removed all scripted health in the menus in the later version i'm currently working on.

. Completely customisable health interface
. Complete working HUD




Future Plans:

Version 1.1:
.Incorporate a health upgrade system allow for increased health.
.Incorporate a health boost system allowing for temporary increased health.

Version 1.2:
.Incorporate players face with the health system
.Incorporate a facial damage system when health decreases.

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It looks very nice. I moved it to the Event Systems board as that appears to be what it is. Good work though!