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[VX] [BATTLE]FF6 - Elemental shift tutorial

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During the course of the battle, the enemy will use a skill that switches his elemental defenses. The following system that I'm about to explain can also be used for other various things but for now I'm sticking to a rather popular game mechanic

Here we are (Some video tutorials)

What to do to make it work: (Forgive me this is my first video tutorial ever. I actually suck at this sort of thing ._. Also I apologize for the video quality.

And now the final video: (IT WORKS! bwahaha! Now the players will suffer at the hand of the magical genius! heh I'm a loser)

oh and btw... I know my fireball didn't cast. Nian was being clumsy today. :P

No need to credit me for this. It's so simple a caveman could do it. I just hope this helps someone out there add a fun mechanic to their game!
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