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Ask a fat guy

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I'm not fat! just big boned :'(
anyways, ask away

my name is Timothy what's yours
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Do you type so many spelling mistakes because your fingers are too big to hit only one key at a time?
Does fat clog the path from your hands to your brain so you write degenerate dribble?
Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, sir, pick me!
Is Eric Cartman a derogatory stereotype towards you and your kind, or is he an idol to be revered for his embrace of fatness?
If so, does his hatred for Jews, gingers, Mexicans, African-Americans, hippies and pretty much everyone except himself somehow factor into this?
it's like a metaphor or something i don't know

Level 82
yes, yes, both, no.

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The Irish Insanity
Have you ever thought of saying you're fluffy instead of big boned? I have a friend who does that. He calls himself Fluffy xD
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