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Eden Legacy III: The Fall of Eden

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Strategy Guide coming soon!

An all new adventure awaits! (Hellz yes, all 3 entries in the series released in the year 2010!)


The Mythological Era comes to a close with this final installment, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the future. Once again take control of the legendary Knight of Eden and travel the Earth to fulfill your destiny! This game will tie up all the loose ends from the first two installments, and we will finally learn how the stories of old came to be. This is also the last game in the series to use NES and Gameboy graphics.

-A vibrant NES/Gameboy styled RPG
-A fully transformed Earth, featuring the continents Gondwana and Laurasia
-3 Fully customizable characters! Leveling system now available to all party members!
-An improved battle system
-Of course, there will be new side quests!
-No more ugly dungeons of Valhalla


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Clicking the link doesn't seem to be working so try copying and pasting it instead.

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fyi, you don't really need to use the BBC for links. If you just write it without the tags it'll automatically create the link for you anyways.

Also, if it fails, double check the tag is correct. I swear 90% of people type http://Http://Http://link-here.com every time, though it does it automatically.

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There was a game breaking bug, so I've uploaded a new version. Link is in the original post. Very sorry for the inconvenience!