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The Tale Of Icarus by CozzieKuns

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The Tale Of Icarus by CozzieKuns
Spoiler-Free Review

The system is simply an individual score (out of ten) for each following subsection:

Graphics (or, use of RTP vs. Custom)
Use of Events
Game time

Once those scores are tallied, they are averaged for a score out of 10.

(I'll rate it considering it was a ONE WEEK PROJECT, in GIAW)


The story of this game, in my point of view, could have contained something more spicy...But to a short project line, that had to be completed in a few ammount of time, it was enough, and was quite good.

Story score: 6/10


The graphics used to this game has been completly RTP used, but some battlers. I still did enjoy the way you used them, and it completly did fit in the  game.

Graphics 8/10


I got no information about any script used for the realisation of this game, but as far as i see, and understand about a script, it was used a battle script.
The use of the battle script was nice, it gave a new style of battling with RMVX.

Battle Script: 10/10

There were used few events to this game, and those which were used, did contain some bugs.
Ex:.The guards in the bridges, you would have to talk with both, if you walked near them, and that is something that can be simply fixed...
I didn't see the use of events, but before boss battles, or talks, and sadly some contain bugs.

Events: 4/10


The playability of a game, it's the most important thing in my point of view. It's what does cative the atention, and what does addict the player.
This game was really poor on it. With this i mean...The quests that we had to complete with Icarus were something very very previsible.
The only that got me was the first one...And still..When you had one piece, i could already guess what else i would need to do...And the same with all the parts we had to collect.That was not really motivating to play the game, and it was a bit stressing, because, while playing, i was, damn, i need to enter the dungeon, kill mob, go back to the town, then walk again for the next dungeon...And that does bore the player.

So my playabily rate is 5/10


The replayabily of this game, according to the playability is really few.

so my rate will be 2/10

Game time

I took 2 hours to beat the game, and i think it is a good timing for any game, so my rate is...


Total rate


(this was my first review to a game, so, if im being really incorrect in any aspect, or rate, feel free to let me know, so i can do better for the next one.)

Even, if there are missing some important points to rate, that i might have forgotten
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