RMRK is retiring.
Registration is disabled. The site will remain online, but eventually become a read-only archive. More information.

RMRK.net has nothing to do with Blockchains, Cryptocurrency or NFTs. We have been around since the early 2000s, but there is a new group using the RMRK name that deals with those things. We have nothing to do with them.
NFTs are a scam, and if somebody is trying to persuade you to buy or invest in crypto/blockchain/NFT content, please turn them down and save your money. See this video for more information.
RMRK Teamspeak

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That's right fellas, Roph has graciously re-started the RMRK Teamspeak Server!
For all your gaming needs.

Download Teamspeak 2 here

Server Info
Address: rmrk.net
Port: default
Password: none

Just put in your desired nickname, make sure your voice can be heard, and log on.

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I'm on right now, y'all.

Crew Slut
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You'll love it!
For taking a crack at the RMRK Wiki

Maybe we should also play some UT99 soon.