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RMRK.net has nothing to do with Blockchains, Cryptocurrency or NFTs. We have been around since the early 2000s, but there is a new group using the RMRK name that deals with those things. We have nothing to do with them.
NFTs are a scam, and if somebody is trying to persuade you to buy or invest in crypto/blockchain/NFT content, please turn them down and save your money. See this video for more information.
Missing some posts?

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Assuming this ain't your first time to RMRK, you've probably noticed by now that things are quite radically different, and that several posts seem to be missing. I'm afraid these posts are moreorless permanently gone, unless Roph can pull off some serious computer magic. The reason for this is database issues. It crashed on us and the DB safety bags didn't go off like they were supposed to. Feel free to blame Crankeye for drunken driving going over a hill. Normally this isn't hard to fix, but because of our thriving forum, the database has grown quite large and is bordering the memory limit. Roph has been working his butt off and using his own PC as a local server to get RMRK back up on it's feet. Make sure to thank him.

So, if you find you're missing some of your newest posts, don't panic. As far as I can tell, only one day was lost, so if you posted something important, just repost it. If you asked a question about RPG Maker and the answer that someone posted got erased, go ahead and bump your topic so that people can repost the solution to your problem. I suppose this is a "gentle reminder" for us that if you do something important, always make a copy or back-up of it. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have brought. :(

ADDITIONALLY! Since we were in need of an upgrade anyways, Roph has taken this opportunity to convert RMRK to SMF2. What you see here is the default theme of this new system. Admittedly it doesn't really look that great, and it has a number of bugs that needs to be worked out still, like the spoiler and YouTube tags. It's going to take a day or two to "beautify" everything and fix these bugs, but in the long run it's going to be ten times better to work with than the older SMF. In the meantime, we are at least free to post and explore the new features of this upgrade. If you find any bugs that aren't already mentioned, feel free to post them here.

Just bear with us for a little while, and everything will be back on track in no time.  :zwink:
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