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Leomorn Sword

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Leomorn Sword

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“Very high above fly our three islands: they say some
ancient spell keeps them floating. They’re inhabited
by all sorts of creatures, both human and not.
There’s nothing underneath.

Some years ago the islands were threatened by a
demon rurmored to come from another dimension.
My brother saved us all: he fell down the island along with it.
Of course, he disappeared ever since.

He was a Guardian: an élite mercenary force
trained «to keep the Shire safe», as the Elders would say.
One day I shall become a Guardian too.
Right now, I’m but an apprentice, working under Lord Ánammon.

I’ve been living in Nossa for the past nineteen years,
since I was born. I don’t know much about my parents,
except that Miss Rune Milner took me in.
My brother used to be my only family”.

Panril and Lauron have been working with Lord Ánammon for about two months near the ruins where Leomorn, Lauron’s brother, disappeared years before, when all of a sudden something is dug out, something that unequivocally belongs to another world... While Ánammon, as a scholar and a researcher, is willing to see things clearly, the Council grows impatient to burke the matter: they’re the keepers of an essential dogma: there is no Underworld. Whatever it is that Ánammon found out, it won’t change their beliefs.
The matter is even more delicate to Eilmorel, not only because of her anxiety to show her worth to the Council, but also because those beliefs are the ones her mother, before her, meant to preserve.

Full topic, with more screenshots, more info, and a demo
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