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World Map Weather [VX]

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    World Map Weather
    Version: 2.0
    Author: Grafikal007
    Release Date: 8 - 22 - 2008
    Last Updated Date: 11 - 01 - 2009

    RMRK.net EXCLUSIVE Event System: Feel free to link to it  ^-^

    Version History

    • 1.0 [8/22/08] - Initial Release
    • 2.0 [11/01/09] - Re-release, updated to RMRK+ (officially)


    Designate any boxed area on a map that when a player steps into that area, will start a unique weather event.


    • Completely Plug 'n Play
    • Easy set up
    • Weather where you want it!

    Planned Additional Features

    • None at the moment, Please suggest!


    Not really applicable.


    The instructions are contained in the Common Events, and Events. The Common Event labeled "===READ ME===" in the demo contains step by step instructions on how to create a new weather area.


    • Grafikal007


    Support can be dealt with here in this topic or you may PM me.

    Author's Notes

    The areas can only be contained in rectangular areas. Create multiple areas close to each other to create a shape of an area. Also, make sure you turn OFF the master switch that turns off the weather event system when you leave the world map.

    RMRK+ Format

    This script is RMRK+ Format.

    Variables Used

    521: Player X Position
    522: Player Y Position

    Switches Used

    847: (==Weather== : It's the master switch to the system.)

    Common Events Used

    308:Tracking Player X and Y position
    309:Snowy map area
    310:Rainy map area 1
    311:Rainy map area 2

    Demo is attached[/list]
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    Resource Artist
    Level 94
    Project of the Month winner for June 2009
    updated to rmrk+ finally

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