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RMRK Radio Enhancements

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1) RMRKPlayer has been redone, now with 60% more purple:

get the new version here. It's been rebuilt optimised for flash 9, not sure if it'll run more efficiently or whatever though =o

2) I've been working on this secret little function for a while now, and it's gotten to a stage where it's working pretty well, so it's time to make it not so secret :) If you check this url: http://rmrk.net/?action=radio, you'll see RMRK's radio status page. If the radio is up, it'll display nifty stats such as this:

3) Accessible from that page is an entirely online player which will run in a new little browser window, no need to install anything =). This is probably the most experimental part:

Comments welcome  :)
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bringing sexy back

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Looks pretty wicked.

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Watch out for: HaloOfTheSun

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I love this :>

no more negro music though, please >:O
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Looks sexy, Roph~

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I love you all over again Roph <3
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Congratz on another amazing piece of work.

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So about that money...
Looks interesting.

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ty for the 80's flashback  <3  :D

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I love Firerain
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Arlen is hot.

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i can never get this program to work on my end....
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