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How to create a single game install with one file and your own icon!

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Seeing as it took me 3 days to figure out the best way to do this i've made a guide to help everyone in my boat!

Lets set up a senario!

1. You just finished your game and your super excited and all the beta test's have paid off. Now you want to show someone.
2. But wait they don't have RPG Maker, and can't play the game without installing it first!They will surely decline your invite because of all the trouble they would have to go though to play it.
3. You think "What if i create a single file with your own game icon so all they would have to do is click it and bam...shortcut on destop all files installed and game ready to go!"


1. You first have to compile your game so its a single file using rpg maker! What are you waiting for go ahead and do it!

If you used standard copy all the files from the standard folder into the actual game folder!!!!

2. After you compile your game, extract it fast to a folder of your choice! You should now be able to run the game.exe file and play your game!

3. Now we need the 3 files to run the game with installing rpg maker xp so your friends don't have to screw with it. I'm in a good mood so i'm going to upload the files here for you! Check Attachments below!

4. Next is a little harder but trust me once you look at if for a few and size it all up you will understand. Open up NOTEPAD in windows and copy the following text into it!

move "c:\Program Files\Black Train\RGSS100J.dll" C:\Windows\System32
move "c:\Program Files\Black Train\RGSS102E.dll" C:\Windows\System32
move "c:\Program Files\Black Train\RGSS102J.dll" C:\Windows\System32
erase "c:\Program Files\Black Train\Install Game.bat"

You will need to change the parimaters of the location of WHERE YOU WANT THE GAME TO INSTALL on your friends computer! I'm leaving how my game installs for you to get a beter understanding of it. Black Train is the name of my game!

Example :

say you wanted to install it directly on c:\

Then you would chage it like this!

move "c:\YOURGAMENAME\SUBFOLDER\RGSS100J.dll" C:\Windows\System32

SAVE THE NOTEPAD FILE AS Install Game.bat, make sure the extention isn't TXT. If it is just rename it to BAT!

Now we Have the batch script wrote to install your game and clean up the remaining files! I'm putting a picture below for you to see how mine looks!

Copy the *.DLL files into your folder like shown in my picture below and also copy the Install Game.bat file there as well!

5. Ok here's the worst of it! We need to make a shortcut icon and place it in the folder next to the game.exe but point the short cut at the game.exe. Now make your custom icon using GIMP or whatever software you want as long as it as a ico extention. *NOTE simply renaming the picture to ico will not work & it as to be 32X32 in size*. Now selet the icon you just created for the shortcut icon!

This is the odd part, we need the short cut to point to where the game will install on our friends PC. In order to do that we must install the game on our own pc so we can type the location to where it is installed. If you don't do this windows will not let you point the shortcut to something that don't exist!

Right click the Shortcut, goto properties and change the target to "C:\YOURGAMEFOLDER\ANYSUBFOLDERYOUMAYHAVE\Game.exe"
now change the start in location to
Now change the icon just below that to your game icon! (If you never allready)

If you are lost check the picture below, i did a screen shot for you!

6. Ok now were allmost done! Open win rar and set it up like my picture below, Changing the names of my game to your game ect.

7. Ok, Chances are you are bumping into some trouble, it took me awhile to do this on my own but if you are making a rpg game chances are you are somewhat knowlegable. If you see there needs to be corrections or more detail please feel free to place it here. Once WinRAR finishes your file, you should have a file with your game name and icon on it. If you click it the game will install to where you pointed it then run the batch command to clean up the unnessary files. A shortcut will be place on your desktop using your own icon and all your freind will have to do is double click it and go.

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Goodjob man sure this will help alot of people.

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Oh...My Godness... This is awseome!! I would get you a hug!!! But my sisters aint here so she can't give it to you for me... What about a smile!!!  :)

What just happenededed-ened?

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Thanks alot this has been very useful if i cud rep i wud lol  ;D

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Does it work on the normal 2003 system?

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~ in before slap stick fighting occurs.

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I think you can use the RM Recker tool to do that for 2k3. Look on the downloads page of crankeye.

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i can't do it. After making the install game.bat, what do i do next ? run it ?
after i run it nothing happens. should i manually make the folder in the C:program files ?