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2k3 FAQ

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2oo3 Section

How do you have a player chosen name show up in text?

Spoiler for Answer:

You use the Enter Hero Name event command to change the desired name, then you use this command: \n[n]   in place of the name in the text box, the second "n" is to be replace with the characters number (go to database, check out the characters and the first person in the list is 1, the second 2, the third 3 etc...).

Can I change the text speed/colour?

Spoiler for Answer:

\c[n]   Changes the text colour to the colour that matches n, n being a number from 0 to 19.

\s[n]   Changes the text speed to n, where n is a number from 1 to 20, 1 being the fastest.

My text is squashed together/doesn't look right, what can I do?

Spoiler for Answer:

If the in-game fonts appear squishy and the letters run together, try the following steps,
in order, to solve the problem:

1. Install the "msgothi0.ttc" and "msmincho.ttc" fonts by copying them from the fonts
directory included in the installation to the  \windows\fonts directory and double-clicking on them.  See if the fonts look correct now.

2. If the step above didn't work, install the "RM2000.fon" and "RMG2000.fon" font files
into windows\fonts as described above (note that installing these files isn't necessary if you already have RPG Maker 2000 installed), then copy the "RPG_RT.exe.dat" file included in
the fonts directory over the one in the main application directory (the same directory as the RPG2003.exe file).  Create a new project and see if the fonts look correct in that new project.

TIP: I have been told that downloading Japanese language support for Internet Explorer makes the fonts used for method #1 work reliably.  Try it and see.

NOTE: If you have to use method #2 above to fix the fonts, projects you created before performing the fix will not be fixed.  You must copy the RPG_RT.exe file from the new project over the one in your existing project(s).

I want to put in my own custom sprites/battlers/weapons into the game, but the game says the file is not the correct size/colour.

Spoiler for Answer:

In order to input your own custom sprites in, they must be the correct size and have the right colour range. In order to get the right size, I've made up some grids (more to come).

Battle Sprite Grid.

- Each three squares are one continuous animation thread, so fill in three for a single sprite.

Here's an example;

- As you can see you can fill in multiple lines, but remember to erase the grid once done. Note: Do not draw in the weapons!

Sprite Grid.

Here's an example:

- Just follow the directions Terra is facing and use it for when you create a sprite.

Weapon Grid

- Three squares left to right make an animation thread. The hard part is getting the weapon aligned with the battle sprite, just keep moving the weapon around and test it until you get it right.

Face Set Grid

To get the correct colour the file must be in 8bit format. Files can be converted in paint but is not recommended as while paint is an excellent tool for drawing sprites, it is not good at converting file types and the image will be heavily corrupted. If you do not have a good converter you may follow these steps for an effective result;

1) Export a few different pictures from the game that is in the same field of the sprite that you are making.

2) Open both your sprite picture and the exported ones in paint in separate windows.

3) Copy your sprite picture and paste in into the exported one, you will note that the colour has changed. If you do not like the colour it has changed into, paste your sprites into another exported picture for a different range of colours.

4) Save the new picture under a different name and import it into the RM.

Spoiler for Various Commands: (To be used in the text box):

\v[n]   Displays the value held in variable n, n being any numerical value.

\$      Shows the amount of money held.

\!      The remainder of the message after this code is only shown when the player presses a key.

\.      Adds a 1/4 second delay to the part of the message which follows this code.

\|      Adds a 1 second delay to the part of the message which follows this code.

\> / \<   Displays the part of the message between \> and \< instantly.

\^      Closes the message window without key input.

\_      Shows half a space.