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Power Word: Shield

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Power Word: Shield Status Effect
Version: 1.0


This script allows you to use the Power Word: Shield status. For those of you who never played WoW, the shield absorbs some damage before it goes away.


  • Absorb Damage, including poisons.
  • Configure how much damage you want the shield to absorb.


Imagine the actor has a status effect called power word shield. Now imagine he takes no damage.

Script & Demo



Add the script under the SDK. Then you'll need to make a new state and change the PWS_ID in the script to the ID of the effect. Then make the skills and whatnot so you can use the new effect :)

Also, keep in mind, the shield is NOT meant to be dispelled, so any dispel effects will probably screw the system up a bit.


No Questions.....yet.


Tried to make this SDK Compliant and Compatible.

Credits and Thanks

Thanks to WoW for the idea :P

Author's Notes

Next version, I plan to add:
  • Ability to turn off poison damage absorb.
  • Fix any bugs/errors of course :P

Terms and Conditions

Free to use for non-commerical use, with credit of course ;)
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Hi, there.
For all those ABS, Zelda type games, users (not me), does this work with it? Or in other words, can it be configured to work with it?

It would seem really cool if it did.

Oh and, Hey Falcon. Long time no see.  :)
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Revolution is not a bed of roses.
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Project of the Month winner for July 2009
It should be self explanatory that a script made for the default battle system would not work with other systems.

But hell, it may, I don't edit anything in scene_battle, only game_battler. At the very least, a scripter could use this as reference.

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Looking good. It's a great idea. Also, welcome back. I'm glad to hear you fixed your problem  ^-^

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