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Dark Eternal: Dissolution v2.1SE [REVIEW]

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Level 89
I is my hero!

Although being released over a year ago, I recently found out about this wonderful game. Limited projects have been finished, this being one of them. As you start this game you see how well it is put together, with the well made maps to the dramatic cutscenes. The game starts off well, like how some proffesional games would. With a little guide on telling you how to fight. The battle system  features a RTB(Real-Time-Battle) which is used in some of the recent Final Fantasy games. The battler style from Naramura's website is used along with a custom battler for the heroes. The enemies feature custom as well as battlers from Naramura's website. Text are supported with portraits of the characters. The menu as well is very well done, as it is custom. The mapping also is very well done, with next to no mistakes. As well with the enviroment the game has an advanced weather system, causing nice effects to occur throught the game. This is also improved with the many fogs and what not used to make a more realistic enviroment.

Well enough said about the gameplay, the storyline is very original. And features a very engaging plot. There is always something to do and you always know what that is. The game also boats over 20 hours of gameplay, which is pretty long for an RPG Maker game. With the 20 plus hours of the game, it features loads of sidequests along with mingames. As well the game has a remarkable soundtrack which is fully MP3 and no midi. The game is 246 megabytes in total.

The Breakdown:

Conclusion- This is one of the best RPG Maker games I've played, and I really reccomend it to anyone who is interested in seeing what a really good game is.


Mapping- 9.5 Mapping was excellent although some areas could have been slightly improved

Length- 10 It features numerous sidequests and mini-games adding to the already long gameplay

Creativity- 8.0 Many of the resources were from other websites, but there may have been a few custom ones as well

Originality- 8.5 Cool concepts although the story can get dull at times

Technical Use- 9.5 Very well made eventing as well as good use of scripts

Overall- 9.1

Thanks for reading, and this was my first review. So I tried my best, please tell me if you liked it, agreed, disagreed, tell what I can improve on.
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Level 89
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Good review, although a little brief.

Dark Eternal was one of the first RMXP games that I played that truly inspired me, a long time ago. (Granted I didn't get to finish it. :x )

pokeball :)OfflineMale
Level 95
I loved the game, and same I never finished it. I do remember getting stuck somewhere =/ Maybe I should have asked the game makers how to get out. Anyways nice job :D
Watch out for: HaloOfTheSun

A Random Custom Title
Level 96
Maybe in Ice place. You needed to step on a special place. :P Also, this game was awesome! Btw, Easy mode gives a different ending than Normal/Hard.