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Forlorn Manor

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Forlorn Manor is one of the best games ever created for the RPG XP. It is innovative with a key and mouse commanded that does take some getting used to, but with that combination, that is one of the things that makes it so much fun. There are many key functions, shift to equip your weapon, #1 key to use an item, #2 key to take something! #3 key to push something, #4 key to pull something, and the next key I will tell you about is the Q. The Q key allows you to switch the game’s two players!

This is an inventive, creative puzzle game that fits into the survival horror genre. Well as much as RPG XP can fit into that genre. It is very much like the old NES game Maniac Mansion, where you use your two players to aide each other. Such as the first trick, a light switch that only stays on if someone is on it. Use one person to keep the light on, while the other does something else. Use one person to flip a switch to open a gate while the other enters the gate to find some other way to keep the gate open!

The story is about three college students, stuck in the rain, one decides to enter the Forlorn Manor, but does not come out. It is up to his two friends to go in there and find out what happened to their third friend!

Take items and weapons that you find along the way to get you further, like going to the item menu. Equip a match, and then use the #1 key to light a fireplace. Take wood, use it in the fireplace and light it too!

The only down side is while the game does guide you along the way, some of the puzzles it leaves completely up to you to solve, which can lead you to an hour of searching and using the game’s keys to try everything else out.

In Fun:
3 stars

In Challenge:
4 stars

5 stars

Use of Programming:
5 stars

4 stars (out of 5)

Well worth the download, but this may not be for everyone.
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Good review. I'm enjoying Forlorn Manor, though I haven't gotten too too far yet. It's good that you're reviewing too. It will add another dimension to the game making on the forum and hopefully incite people to finishe their games so that I can play them all  :P Good work.