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[VX] Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

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UPDATE: 25/05/11
Hi all, the game is getting a big revamp. Which includes improved graphics, more insight in
to the characters and featuring an all new custom rain system.

I've added some new Screens and Videos.
Also a Tech Demo will be released in abit.

New Screens

More Screens
Spoiler for:

New Videos
Forest Map with custom rain.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UsQH8_CVuY" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UsQH8_CVuY</a>

Outskirts map.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ6MFRCU7UQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ6MFRCU7UQ</a>

Why is embeding videos allways different on every site?
If someone can tell me how it works here it would be appreciated. :)

Spoiler for:

Prologue The legend of the Sarian Knights

For the past two years, the world of Alardria has witnessed the
rising of the Hellborn. Vile creatures who are thought to have spawned
from the depths of Hell, thus given the name Hellborn.
Lead by a colossus Hellborn given the name "Ruin", for as it ruins
everything in it's path, they went on ravaging and destroying anything
they could.

The Hellborn were too overwhelming for many of the weaker
nations, who lacked the military prowess to defend againts them.
Time's were desperate...

To counter the Hellborn threat and to help the weaker nations, the
"High Council" was formed. Consisting of representatives of every
surviving nation, The High Council would share resources and provide
aid and Soldiers to wherever they were needed the most.

The efforts of the High Council seemed to have been working.
Soldiers were mobilised quickly enough to come to the defence of
Hellborn attacks, and aid was given to areas already hit by the
Hellborn. But still there were far too many deaths, many of whom
were young inexperienced soldiers and civilians who were caught
amongst all the fighting.

The Kingdom of "Acylia" ruled by the Great "King Sarian",
seemed to have the least amount of deaths.
Acylia was protected by the elite "Sarian Knights", Personal Knights
of King Sarian himself. These Knights were extremely skilled and highly
experienced in warfare, They were known and feared throughout Alardria.

Fearing more deaths and destruction the High Council decided to
take a more offensive approach in dealing with the Hellborn.
They decided to take the fight to Ruin, and try to defeat the Hellborn
once and for all. The High Council knew that the only one's who had
a chance to succeed in this, would be the revered Sarian Knights.

The High Council pleaded with King Sarian to allow the Sarian
Knights to take on this offensive mission, and to bring peace
back to Alardria... King Sarain agreed.

Before the Sarian Knights departed on their journey, Lady Serah,
wife of Lord Kilis Tirian, commander of the Sarian Knights was
approached by an old acquaintance, an Exiled Wizard named Athos.
Athos handed Lady Serah an amulet saying "Kilis must wear this amulet
when facing Ruin, if he is to survive and defeat the abomination."

In fear for her husbands life, Lady serah pleaded with Lord Kilis to wear
the amulet when he faces Ruin. Kilis was hesitant and did'nt want anything
to do with an exiled Wizard, but Lady Serah managed to persuade Kilis to
take the amulet with him.

When the Sarian Knights Finally encountered Ruin, they engaged in an epic battle.
Ruin was far too powerfull, even for the Sarian Knights. With no hope left, Lord Kilis was
reminded of his wife and the amulet. Lord Kilis put on the amulet and a surge of power
overwhelmed him, unleashing furious attacks on Ruin, kilis managed to defeat Ruin.
Ruin turned to ashes along with all the other remaining Hellborn in Alardria.

With the Hellborn vanquished, Alardria would see peace once again.
The Sarian Knights were acclaimed heroes and honored throughout Alardria.

Prologue The Amulet of Athos

In the following years Lord Kilis seemed to have changed. He would loose his  temper
over the smallest of things. Things took a darker turn when Kilis started hearing voices
in his head, screams and cries of all those who he had killed. Kilis was loosing his sanity,
listening to the voices, Kilis went out of control and started murdering innocent people.

When he came to his senses he ordred a Sarian Knight, Lord Karn, to kill him to stop him
from murdering anymore people. In his last moments, Kilis told Lord Karn to watch over
his two sons and to find Athos.

When Karn killed Kilis the Amulet broke in two pieces, Unaware of the power that it possess,
Karn gave the pieces of the amulet to Kilis's two sons, Krias and Zack as a memento of their

The current The Reawakening

10 years later, the story evolves around the two sons of Lord Kilis and the reawakening
of Ruin and the Hellborn.

Will Alardria survive another Hellborn emergence, with the Sarian Knights no longer in Service?
Why are the Hellborn back?
What is the mystery behind Athos and his amulet?
All will be revealed throughout the game.

Spoiler for:

All takes place in the world of Alardria.


One of the largest kingdoms in Alardria, ruled by the great King Sarian.
more info to be added.

info to be added.

info to be added.

Factions / Organisations

The High Council
Was formed to counter the Hellborn threat.

Sarian Knights
A highly skilled, elite group of Knights from Acylia, loyal servants of King Sarian.
Defeated the Hellborn.

Spoiler for:

Prologue  characters

Lord Kilis Tirian  [color="#FF0000"]  Sarian Knight Commander[/color]
Commander of the Sarian Knights, an exceptional warrior. Renowned for his leadership
and countless victories in war. Loyal servant of King Sarian, protector of Acylia.   
Lead the team of Sarian Knights who were able to defeat Ruin and bring peace to Alardria.

Lord Karn [color="#FF0000"]  Sarian Knight[/color]
One of the most feared Sarian Knights. A ferocious warrior, unmatched in swordsmanship.
Enemies would tremble at the very site of him on the battlefield, Loyal friend of Lord Kilis.
A member of the team of Sarian Knights that defeated Ruin. 

Current  characters

Krias Tirian[color="#FF0000"]  Acylian army General[/color]
Eldest son of Lord Kilis, a General of the Acylian army. A highly skilled and very disciplined individual.
Focused on protecting Acylia from all threats. Inlisted in the Acylian army at the age of ten,
Trained as a Knight by his father, excelling in combat training rapidly promoted through the
army Ranks.

Zack Tirian[color="#4169E1"] Protagonist[/color]
The youngest son of Lord Kilis, a kind hearted young man who goes out his way to help
those in need. Be it friends or total strangers, he would help them if they are in trouble.
He does this for companionship and doesn't want to be alone.

A friend of Zack, Bio to be added.

A friend of Zack, Bio to be added.

Spoiler for:
Alardria Chronicles is a card based mini game that is a prominent
feature of Amulet of Athos.

The demo contains a Full Tutorial of how to play, I advise you to play the tutotrial first.
So i won't be giving a very detailed explanation here, try the demo.

The objective of Alardria Chronicles or A.C. for short is to defeat
your opponent's cards in battle, with your own cards that
you have collected throughout the game.


Collect a variety of cards throughout your adeventure, all the cards in the game 
are of creatures or individuals that exists or have existed in Alardria.
Ranging from wild Beasts to renowned Heroes.

Tactical gameplay
Think carefully and play the right cards to counter the opponents cards.
Use lower rated cards inorder to get the advantage and win the game in the
long run.

Deck building
Build your deck as you see fit, Keeping a good balance of cards in your deck is the key
to victory, So don't be afraid to experiment and try changing your deck.

Opponent AI
The opponent will counter your cards if they have the advantage and go for round
bonuses. forcing you to think and play carefully.

Earn achiements for your A.C. feats, such as expanding your collection of cards, defeating
higher ranking opponents and many more feats.
Completing achievements may give you some nice rewards such as
a new card or some new items.

Rank up
"Chronicles Xp" is earned every time you beat an opponent that is the same rank or higher
ranked than you. Once enough Xp has been accumulated you may gain a Player Rank.
Some players may not take you seriously and refuse to play you if your Player Rank is too
low. Also you may be required to be of a certain Player Rank in order to enter some

Enter tournaments for a chance to win great prizes and become renowned as a great
Chronicles player.


You have just found the Golum Card.

Add cards to your deck.

Roll the die.

Exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

Opponent AI, they will counter your cards!

Get the advantage.

You have unlocked an achievement.

View your achievements.

Tactics NOTE this part will not make much sense till after you have played the Tutorial

Exploit Weaknesses
You have to exploit your opponent's weaknesses, for example if your opponent plays a
card who is weak to fire, you place a card that can deal fire damage, (if you have one)
and you will get a bonus to your Raiting in the battle.

Getting the advantage is very important to win battles as you can counter your opponents card with
a card that exploits their weaknesses.

When ever you play a card, it adds it's rating to your "total raiting used" and before each round the
player with the least "total raiting used" gets the advantage.
So you have to play smart and try to use your lowest rated cards to defeat your opponent if possible
to keep the advantage.

One important tactic is to know when to sacrifice one of your low rated cards inorder to have a low
"total raiting used" therefore keeping the advantage on your side.
When the opponent has the advantage it is often a good idea to sacrifce a low rated card so that you
may get the advantage the next round, but be carefull because you might need that card you just sacrificed
later on, once a card is used it cannot be used agian in the current match.

Special Thanks
I would like to thank Cenwen for all his advise and testing and fixing the acheivements script so it saves when
you exit the game. Thanks!

Mediafire 102mb RTP included 28/08/10 Alardria Chronicles DEMO

Spoiler for:

Thanks to all these people for thier script's,  resources and inspiration,
which without, this game would not be possible!

Mr. Bubble
Hanzo Kimura
Big Ed

Hanzo Kimura
Famitsu character generator
RPG maker VX RTP
Modern Algebra



Spoiler for:
OLD DEMO 17/02/11 Mediafire 120mb RTP included

Spoiler for:

You can add this banner to your signature, to support this game.
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« Last Edit: October 01, 2011, 01:04:14 PM by Ak47 »

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Better suited for a white background :P

Chapter 2 is almost complete, you may want to hold off for that to release before trying the demo.
But by all means, try the Chapter 1 Demo, if you can't wait.

Can this be moved to the appropriate forum, Thanks.

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Praise the Sun (Arcana)
GIAW 14: 1st Place (Hard Mode)
Wow, you put a lot of work into this. I'll wait for chapter 2, to try it out though. The story makes me think of Dragon Age, the Hellborn make me think of Darkspawns. So yeah, the screenshots look great, your mapping is superb, although the lighting effects seem like they may be overused. Will the parties be 3 characters max?

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@hiromu656, Thanks for your feedback.
Only 3 characters may parcipitate in a battle, but alot more characters join your actual party.
Some scenes may require certain characters, so most of the characters will get their fair share of action. :)

Level 73
Participant - GIAW 11
I liked the interesting mix of XP stuff with the VX stuff, though it did clash at times (the horse carriages stood out as obviously a different style). But hey! To each his own... I'm very interested in the lighting. Is it a script? How do you do it?

Level 97
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Looks gorgeous. Keep up the good work!

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@Solar Eclipse, Thanks for your feedback.
The lighting effects are a mixture of bulletXt's Thomas Edison script, and some picture overlays.

@modern algebra, Thanks for your feedback :)

UPDATE-  Chapter two demo released.
« Last Edit: February 17, 2011, 09:53:56 PM by Ak47 »

Rep: +0/-0Level 82
"I have found the one whom my soul belongs to."

Just finished playing the demo.
The quality of the graphics are pretty good, I like the way you used the light and the history is really decent.

Here is my feedback:

• When you are battling the Knight Vaal his life is 5000 but when he "joins" the party it goes down.. It is nothing bad but I was in the hope he was going to have the same life or explanation why he didn't have that when he joined.

• In the cut scene where the party is at the camp (when the hellborn attack) if you up and behind the tree you can talk to the little girl without fighting the hellborn.

• I got lost when it said "Let's see if there is any survivors" - It would be awesome if it said inside the houses or any clue because I didn't want to step into the fire to know where to go.

Looking forward to the complete game!

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@Norwich, Thank you for playing the demo and for your feedback.
Thanks for mentioning the little girl, she should not be reachable there :)
Good point on the fire, I'll make it clearer before hand.
Thanks again!
« Last Edit: February 18, 2011, 10:18:48 PM by Ak47 »

Rep: +0/-0Level 82
"I have found the one whom my soul belongs to."
No problem if ya need more feedback for the other demos let me know!

I will be looking forward for the new releases..

Rep: +0/-0Level 72
RMRK Junior
I gotta say this game looks BEAUTIFUL.

It's amazing graphically, really. Some of the best maps ever, nice lighting, shadowing and everything...

I've noticed some typos during the gameplay... unfortunatly I didn't note them down, but i'll play it again probably... I know it's still a demo, but misspelled words look bad, and you have such an amazing game it would be a waste...

The storyline looks good as far as I've got, so you're pretty much acing every aspect of the game. Keep up with the good work, I'll be waiting anxiously for the full game.

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@elfsmaster, Thank you for playing the demo and for your feedback.
the proof-read version will be out soon :)

Level 75
This is a really good game I love the game play and the story both great I just have a few questions

- What battle system do you use?

- How dose the skill "Protect" work I have tried to make thing similar but I could never find out how?

Spoiler for:

Spoiler for:
John 3:16: For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@CodeMaster,  Thanks for playing the demo.
I used the Tankentai Sideview Battle System, ATB version.
The Protect skill is done by using the script "Protect Skill" by Kal.

Level 75
When is the new demo coming out or is there going to be one? ???

Spoiler for:

Spoiler for:
John 3:16: For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

Level 71
Honing the Craft
So much work, so good results. Keep it up my friend, i liked the characters but more info about them would be nice..

Level 72
RMRK Junior
Sorry for the long absence.

@Codemaster: The New Chapter 3 demo will take a while.

@M@pple: Thank you, you will get more of an insight to the characters in the new version.

UPDATE: 25/05/11
Hi all, the game is getting a big revamp. Which includes improved graphics, more insight in
to the characters and featuring an all new custom rain system.

Please Check the OP.

Level 76
Praise the Sun (Arcana)
GIAW 14: 1st Place (Hard Mode)
wow, that first screenshot was definitely not there before, it's beautiful, I feel foolish for still not getting along to trying out the demo, do you think I should still play it or should I just wait a bit (because I can wait)

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@hiromu656: It might be better to wait for chapter 3 as all is going to be redone, but it may take a while.

Level 75
Yeah I would wait for chapter three especially if the first two are being redone.  :)

Spoiler for:

Spoiler for:
John 3:16: For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

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Founder of Electronic Curse 2011
Hey, you think maybe you could maker a non-media fire link? ;D

Level 74
I'm baaack!
I found a credits script in a mario game I found on youtube a long time ago. Do you want it? Alll it is is a black background with white text going upwards on the screen when you use the script call it requires. And you can edit them!

my name is Timothy what's yours
Level 79
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Hey, you think maybe you could maker a non-media fire link? ;D
What's wrong with media fire?
Also, RPGMakerVX52, Woratana's Map Credit script is basically the same. It's in the giftbox, but I've posted it here for convenience. Though I'm sure that if he wanted more things he'd ask for them.
Spoiler for:
Code: [Select]
# ? [VX] ? Map Credit ? ?
# ? by Woratana [woratana@hotmail.com]
# ? Thaiware RPG Maker Community
# ? Released on: 09/05/2008
# ? Version: 1.0
# ? How to use:
# ** To start Credit, call script:
# $scene.credit.start
# ** To Stop and Clear Credit, call script:
# $scene.credit.terminate
# ? Special Tags for Decorate Text:
# There are special tags that you can put in text to decorate that line
# You can also set default text decoration for all text in:
# for Header line (line that has tag <h>)
# &
# for Normal line~
# ? >= Tag List <= ?
# * These tags will only apply to the line it is in~
# * You cannot use opposite tags in same line. (e.g. <b> and </b>)
# <b> :Bold Text
# </b> :No Bold Text

# <i> :Italic Text
# </i> :No Italic Text

# <center> :Align text to Center
# <left> :Align text to left
# <right> :Align text to right

# <h> :Make that line become Header line

# Map Credit Main Script \('w' )
class Wora_Map_Credit

  BG_Image = '' # Background Image file name, image must be in folder 'Picture'
  # You can leave this as '' for no background
  BG_Image_Opacity = 255 # Background Opacity (0 - 255)
  Text_Begin_y = 416 # Use 0 - 416: Text will start in the screen
  # Use 416+: Text will start below the screen
  Text_Scroll_Speed = 1 # Higher this number = Faster
  Text_Scroll_Delay = 2 # Delay between each text move (0 for no delay)
  Text_Opacity = 220 # Text Opacity
  Text_Blend_Type = 0 # 0: Normal, 1: Add, 2: Subtraction
  Test_Text = 'I' # Text for test height,
  # Change to taller alphabet if height is not right~

# Start Credit
Credit= <<_MAP_CREDIT_

Name Here

Name Here

Name Here

Name Here
Name Here

<h>Special Thanks
Name Here
Name Here
Name Here

# End Credit
  def header_properties(bitmap)
    bitmap.font.name = 'Tahoma' # Text Font
    bitmap.font.color = Color.new(0, 0, 255, 255) # (Red, Green, Blue, Opacity)
    bitmap.font.size = 30 # Text size
    bitmap.font.bold = true # Bold Text? (true/false)
    bitmap.font.italic = false # Italic Text? (true/false)
    bitmap.font.shadow = true # Shadowed Text? (true/false)
    @text_outline = Color.new(0,0,0) # nil for no outline, Color.new(r,g,b) for outline
    @text_align = 1 # 0: Left, 1: Center, 2: Right
  def content_properties(bitmap)
    bitmap.font.name = 'Tahoma'
    bitmap.font.color = Color.new(255, 255, 255, 255)
    bitmap.font.size = 22
    bitmap.font.bold = true
    bitmap.font.italic = false
    bitmap.font.shadow = true
    @text_outline = nil
    @text_align = 1

  def initialize
    @started = false
  # Delete credit if credit started
  def terminate
    if @started
      if @bg != nil
      @started = false
  # Start Credit
  def start(text = Credit, bg = BG_Image)
    # Create Background Sprite
    if BG_Image != ''
      @bg = Sprite.new
      @bg.bitmap = Cache.picture(bg)
      @bg.opacity = BG_Image_Opacity
      @bg.z = 10000
    # Create Text Sprite
    @sprite = Sprite.new
    @sprite.x = 0
    @sprite.y = 0
    @sprite.z = 10001
    @sprite.opacity = Text_Opacity
    @sprite.blend_type = Text_Blend_Type
    # Calculate Credit Height
    header_line = 0
    content_line = 0
    height = 0
    text = text.split(/\n/)
    text.each do |i|
      if i.include?('<h>'); header_line += 1
      else; content_line += 1
    @sprite.bitmap = Bitmap.new(1,1)
    # Test Header Properties
    header_height = @sprite.bitmap.text_size(Test_Text).height
    height += ( header_line * ( header_height ) )
    # Test Content Properties
    content_height = @sprite.bitmap.text_size(Test_Text).height
    height += ( content_line * ( content_height ) )
    # Finished Test, Draw Text
    @sprite.bitmap = Bitmap.new(Graphics.width, Text_Begin_y + height + 32)
    content_x = 0
    content_y = Text_Begin_y
    text.each do |i|
      # Determine Special Tags
      if i.include?('<h>')
        i.sub!('<h>', '')
        bitmap_height = header_height
        bitmap_height = content_height
      # Bold Text
      if i.include?('<b>')
        i.sub!('<b>', ''); @sprite.font.bold = true
      elsif i.include?('</b>')
        i.sub!('</b>', ''); @sprite.font.bold = false
      # Italic Text
      if i.include?('<i>')
        i.sub!('<i>', ''); @sprite.font.italic = true
      elsif i.include?('</i>')
        i.sub!('</i>', ''); @sprite.font.italic = false
      # Align Text
      if i.include?('<center>')
        i.sub!('<center>', ''); @text_align = 1
      elsif i.include?('<left>')
        i.sub!('<left>', ''); @text_align = 0
      elsif i.include?('<right>')
        i.sub!('<right>', ''); @text_align = 2
      if !@text_outline.nil? # Text Outline
        ori_color = @sprite.bitmap.font.color.clone
        @sprite.bitmap.font.color = @text_outline
        @sprite.bitmap.draw_text(content_x-1, content_y, @sprite.bitmap.width,
bitmap_height, i, @text_align)
        @sprite.bitmap.draw_text(content_x, content_y-1, @sprite.bitmap.width,
bitmap_height, i, @text_align)
        @sprite.bitmap.draw_text(content_x, content_y+1, @sprite.bitmap.width,
bitmap_height, i, @text_align)
        @sprite.bitmap.draw_text(content_x+1, content_y, @sprite.bitmap.width,
bitmap_height, i, @text_align)
        @sprite.bitmap.font.color = ori_color
      # Draw Text
      @sprite.bitmap.draw_text(content_x, content_y, @sprite.bitmap.width,
bitmap_height, i, @text_align)
      content_y += bitmap_height
    @delay = 0
    @started = true
  # Update credit if credit started~
  def update
    if @started
      if @delay > 0
        @delay -= 1
        @sprite.oy += Text_Scroll_Speed
        @delay += Text_Scroll_Delay

# Plug Credit to Map >_> <_<~
class Scene_Map < Scene_Base
  attr_reader :credit
  alias wor_mapcre_scemap_str start
  alias wor_mapcre_scemap_upd update
  alias wor_mapcre_scemap_ter terminate

  def start
    @credit = Wora_Map_Credit.new # Create Credit
  def update
    @credit.update # Update Credit
  def terminate
    @credit.terminate # Dispose Credit
it's like a metaphor or something i don't know

Level 72
RMRK Junior
@RPGMakerVX52: I am confused, were you talking to me?
I already have credits in my game, complete the demo and you will see. :)

Thanks anyway.
« Last Edit: May 31, 2011, 08:55:06 PM by Ak47 »

Level 75
Sorry I ate the Chaos emerald...
Wow Ak47, it looks really realistic.I wish I had those resources, but I can't steal them from you and I have good ones aswell.
If poeple asked for my opinion I'd give you a reward for best graphics in a game evar!:D
my weirdness is in a good way,isn't it?