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Percentage Formula

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Ever wanted to draw a percentage of your health/Magic, but didn't know how?
Fear not! Good 'ol Arkbennett has got your back.

To draw up the percentage simply do a formula like this.

Code: [Select]
<>Variable: [0001: Player HP Current] = [Player#]HP
<>Variable: [0002: Player HP Max] = [Player#]Max HP
<>Variable: [0001: Player HP Current] *= 100
<>Variable: [0001: Player HP Current] /= Variable [0002: Player HP Max]

# = Actor that you want to covert HP/MP to percentages.

Simple eh? Basically you need to variables, one that records the players current HP/MP and his Max HP/MP. Multiple his current HP/MP by 100, then divide it by his max. Simple equations. But, I do remember being a young kiddo at the age of 11/12 and not knowing how to do this at all. So this goes out to the young ones, newbs, or people that didn't pay attention in math.
Btw, variable 1 will display your percentage.
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