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First off, I'd like to apologize if this can be done with events and if such, please point me in the right direction on how to do this as I've searched for the last 6 hours on how to do it with events.

Now with that out of the way, I'm looking for something unique: A summon script. Let me go into explaining in greater detail. In my project, you are able to change classes after you reach a certain level. Some classes are able to summon different "spirits" that are able to fight for you and with you in battle. But these spirits can't be around forever. They only have a certain amount of time in "our world" before their energy dissipates and they return to their world to recharge and for us to call on them again. You also have levelable skills, much like Runescape or WoW or any other RPG that allows you to mine and advance to unlock more and rarer materials, like mining tin or copper and going all the way up Mythril and the like.

What I require should hopefully be easy: A summon script that allows the player (given they have the correct class) to use certain items to make Summoning Stones that allows them to summon these spirits, such as a Demonic Summoning Stone that allows the user to summon a demon. But they must have the correct level in their skill, (We'll call it Summoning has I have no other name to call it) using materials they find in the world and this demon lasts a certain amount of time before the demon vanishes back to its world before the player has to summon a new spirit.

So for a breakdown:
1. Being able to set the Item ID which summons what spirit in the script
2. Timer per spirit that can be set within the script
3. Set Level for the spirit players summon. Ex: Player summons a level 93 Arch-Demon or a level 51 Fire Elemental
4. Being able to require a certain level in said skill to be able to make stones for spirits (I have a custom script that adds levelable skills. If you need it, let me know)

Scripts that may conflict:
YEM Engine Melody
KGC Limit Break
YEM New Battle Stats
YEM Status Overhaul
Leongon's Skill Trees
KGC Compose Item and FF7 Inspired Shop Scene

Please and thank you to whomever takes this task. You will be given full credit when I plan to release my project and a special mention will be given.
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Bump. Any help is appreciated.