Some things that I cant figure out..

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Level 54
Infected with the sickness.

Maker Im using: RPGVXA.

Well there are some things that I keep thinking about, and I really dont know how to solve.
First off Im wondering if there is a way to customize the menu screen without using a script? Or can I customize the menu in the already added script that comes with the RPG maker? I want to be able to add elemental resistance with icons of each element, and how much % of resist the character is currently having. I would also like to add something that can display how much status that is given from items (+ crit chance, etc. etc)

Im not sure if this is possible without the use of a specific script, thats why Im not sure if this should be posted in the script section or not.

And the other thing; Is it possible to create skills that will be "locked" after use, and stay locked until the battle ends? I want to add really powerful skills that can only be used once every fight, and even some that can only be used once every x turns.. I want to do this so that the player cant take too much of advantage of the more powerful skills in my game. I have looked around in the skills menu but cant find anything.

Im also really blown away by the damage formulas, I cant make any skills without using formulas from the default skills in the skill tab.. Im afraid I might scale the damage too much and make way too powerful attacks at higher levels. Whats the easiest way to learn the damage formulas, and how they scale?

Would really appreciate it, if someone could answer!

Take care!

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1. You'll need a script, but I'm not sure where you'll find one that does this.
2. This should do the trick
3. Look at the default skills and quick formulas. It's the same as previous makers if you do it that way. Also, don't be afraid to experiment, for example:
Code: [Select]
b.hp - b.atk - b.def + 1
or something