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The Introduction:
The Wind of Autumn is an RPG I am starting to develop using RPG Maker VX. I am planning on making a diverse story line with changes that occur following the player's actions.

The Story:
The game takes place in the mythical land of Pokkum. Pokkum is a medium-large landmass consisting of 4 countries and 7 islands scattering its coast. The country that The Wind of Autumn takes place in is called Autumn. Autumn is so named because of it's windy and cool climate.

The player takes control of Gray, a necromancer, accompanied by his girlfriend Bethlyn. Gray and Bethlyn are part of a cult, of sorts, of necromancers.

After the Magii Union outcast the necromancers and their 'unorthodox practise', the necromancers swore revenge. Gray plans to carry out the will of his necromancer kin, learning secrets about the Magii Union and Necromancer Cult and becoming stronger as he progresses.

North of Autumn lies the country of Winterhold. Winterhold is a small country with a snowy climate and mountaneous geograpghy. King Stovrik of Winterhold plans to invade Autumn and take control of its main city City Royal.
Gray offers to help King Ulrik of Autumn defend with squads of necromancers in exchange for money and shelter. Desperate, King Ulrik agrees. This is a turning point for the necromancers.

During his missions, he meets his childhood friend, Adam. Adam is a member of the Magii Union sent to crush the necromancers and spoil their plight. Gray encounters him several times on his journey, each time confronting him reluctantly.

More storyline coming soon.

The Included Events:
  • Banking System
  • Night and Day
  • Weather
  • Personality
  • Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Crafting, Fishing, Alchemy and more!

The Main Characters:
  •   Gray - Main character and antagonist
  •   Bethlyn - Gray's Girlfriend and companion
  •   Adept Silorn - Leader of the necromancers
  •   King Ulrik - King of Autumn
  •   King Stovrik - King of Winterhold
  •   Archmage Stephan - Leader of the Magii Union
  •   Adam - Childhood friend of Gray, member of the Magii Union and protagonist

The Screenshots:
None yet

The Videos
None yet

The Dedications:
Tankentai Battle System 2.6 for the battle system.
RPG RPG Revolution for the tutorials I used as a newbie (Some of which are used in this game).
RMRK.net for the fantastic and helpful community.
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I like the storyline, I think it's quite unique.
I can't say much about this project now, but untill then I wish you the best of luck!

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I like the storyline, I think it's quite unique.
I can't say much about this project now, but untill then I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks, I tried to stay away from the typical hero-reluctantly-saving-the-world routine.

EDIT: Added character graphics to the OP, added to the story.

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Wow, the story sounds great, I'll be looking out for this one for sure.

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This sounds like a nice game! If you need any help let me know! I'm pretty good at eventing, I'm currently learning RGSS2, and I'm good with graphics and story writing! I'm not the best with names though >.>