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RPG Maker 2003 (Modified)

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I created a new project in RPG Maker 2003, and then I hacked the RPG_RT program. You could work this into an existing project, but you would have to make sure your project doesn't use switch 1 or variables 1-7, since they are used by RM2k3Mod.


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Just what does this mod do/have/include?
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Just what does this mod do/have/include?

     This is a hacked version of the rpg maker 2003 runtime that allows plugin
modules to be injected into the runtime's virtual address space. The runtime
obtains a list of plugins that need to be loaded from the plugins section of
the ini file. The plugin modules are located in the plugins subfolder. If the
runtime cannot load a plugin it simply terminates without displaying an error.

Here is a list of the included plugins and the low-down on each:

CallPlugin.dll - This plugin uses the first switch and the first 7 variables to
create an interface that event scripts can use to call installed plugins. I've
coded a few call-type common events that should make things a little easier.

Variables.dll - This plugin requires callplugin.dll. It creates 3 new types of
variables for event scripts to work with. By default, there are 10 of each type,
numbered 1 through 10, but it is possible to create more by editing the
variables.ini file, located in the plugins subfolder.

Here is a list of the variable types and a description of each:

Temporary Locals: These variables can only be accessed by the current game, and
the value of these variables is reset to zero when the player quits to the
title screen.

Static Globals: These variables can be accessed by all new and saved games, and
the values of these variables are saved when the program terminates.

Temporary Globals: These variables can be accessed by all new and saved games, but
the values of these variables are reset to zero when the program terminates.

DateTime.dll - This plugin requires callplugin.dll. This plugin allows event
scripts to read the system's current date and time.

CustomLogo.dll - This plugin redirects the runtime, forcing it to load the logo
screen from an xyz file located in the plugins subfolder. To create a new logo
screen, all you have to do is create a 320x240 xyz file named customlogo.xyz and
drop it in the plugins subfolder.

GCrypt.dll - By default, this plugin is disabled. To enable it, just remove the
semicolon before its name in the plugins section of rpg_rt.ini. This plugin
should not be enabled unless you have used the encrypt program to encrypt your
game. This plugin will allow the runtime to read the encrypted game files.

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http://myshit.kicks-ass.net/callplugin.dll - fixed a few minor bugs.

http://myshit.kicks-ass.net/datetime.dll - forgot to export a function that kept this plugin from working at all.

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Great work, sir! Yet another way to enhance RPG Maker 2003. This + Goliath + Power Mode = 2k3 greatness.

(Actually, I'm not sure if you can patch a 2k3 RPG_RT.exe file more than once using different programs.)

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new version, new name, new plugins...


- use this project as a starting point when you are creating a game.
- read the comments in rpg_rt.ini and at the head of common events #1-9 for help

new plugins:

- FontFix.dll

When a program tries to load a font and windows can't find the font in its
font table, windows will pick another font with similar characteristics.
RPG Maker 2003 is picky about its fonts. A "similar" font can be very
unattractive. The FontFix plugin consists of a plugin module, and 2 fonts.

The 2 fonts are the same fonts you would get from any rpg maker 2003
package, the only difference is that the fonts have been renamed.

The plugin module loads the fonts into the font table when the program
starts, intercepts the runtime and forces it to use the new font names, and
removes the fonts from the font table when the runtime terminates.

- NetService.dll

The NetService plugin allows you to put all of your game's LDB, LMT, and
LMU files on a web server. When the runtime attempts to load a file with one
of these extensions, the file will be downloaded from the web.
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Enhanced RPG Maker 2003 for those with goliath.


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Add a chat room to your game. just extract chatterbox.dll to the plugins
folder and add chatterbox.dll to the plugins section of rpg_rt.ini

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Moved everything around, the links above are all broken. To download Enhanced RPG Maker and/or additional plugins, go to

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Nice idea, however I don't think it's a good idea to protect the executable file, so nobody can apply other patches to it.

Plus, for me it's very suspect why you add a driver (fakerdtsc.sys) to it; if you want to use rdtsc, you also can check the CPU flags if it supports it.
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