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AG- Blue Magic

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Alerith's Guides: Blue Magic

   Hello everyone. After much time trying to figure out how to implement Blue Magic into my game, I finally worked it out. It’s a little complicated so please pay attention. I’ll make it as clear as I can.

First you need to perform these preliminary steps:

Step 1: Create the spells you want your Blue Mage to be able to learn.
Example:  Pollen, Heals the caster, etc. etc.

Step 2: Create a Common Event for each spell and name it.
Example: Pollen

Step 3: Set your spell to  point to this Common Event when used.
Example: Common Event: 01: Pollen

Step 4: Give that spell to a creature that will use it.
Example:  Bees, Hornets, etc.

Step 5: Create a Trigger for each of your spells. Keep them off for now.
Example: Trigger 001: Pollen

Ok, this was the easy part. Not very long, so you probably knew that right? Now it gets tricky. Each of your spells is going to require two conditional branches and a trigger. I’ll use Pollen as an example. It’s going to get slightly confusing now, so pay close attention.

In the Common Event you named Blue Magic, you must enter each spell individually. Here is what your first spell will look like:

Conditional Branch: Trigger Pollen is OFF:
   Conditional Branch: <Blue Mage> is in Party:

These two triggers perform the acts of making sure you don’t already know the spell, and that you’re  Blue Mage is in the party to learn the spell. The second Conditional Branch must be inside the first. Now moving on:

Conditional Branch: Trigger Pollen is OFF:
   Conditional Branch: <Blue Mage> is in Party:
        Display Message: <Blue Mage> has memorized Pollen!
           Change Skills: <Blue Mage> add skill Pollen
               Trigger Operation: 001: Pollen ON.

The Display Message Trigger lets you know that your Blue Mage has learned the ability. Following that, the Change Skills trigger actually gives your Blue Mage the ability. The final touch is the Trigger Operation, which then lets the game know that you have learned the ability and that the trigger won’t repeat the next time the ability is used.

And there you have it.  Just replicate these steps for each spell you want your Blue Mage to be able to learn.

I hope I was clear and concise for all of you and hope that this helps you greatly in your game making quest.
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