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Why have the forums moved?

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Let's face it, even when the forums are up, they're not the quickest. This is because these forums are actually pretty popular, so CPU usage is pretty sexy.

Dreamhost (LOL) totally was dying last night. The speed wasn't improving at all, it was only getting slower. So I thought screw it. I managed (on like the 4th try) to get a complete backup of the forums database and I moved it to this subdomain on what is basically a dedicated server (until Cloud Master gets more clients). The forums still thought they were at crankeye.com/forums LOL, and not being an admin I couldn't fix it, so I snooped around in the database data, found crank's and my user account tables and edited stuff to make myself an admin LOL. Then I updated all the paths etc so images would load and stuff. *uploaded avatars/attachments are broken, though might be able to fix*

So what now :/ I dunno, dreamhost is teh sux if you're wanting to run such a popular forum (YEAH I KNOW THERE'S FORUMS WAY MORE POPULAR). If crank wants I could move everything back there with great ease. This is alot faster though. I could buy a domain just for the forums or something too.

All posts and members and whatnot are intact unless you posted in like the 30 minute window from the move starting to finishing.

[edit] RMRK.NET ~

[edit] also all the attachments (attached files as well as uploaded avatars) should work once they're put back in.

[edit] Done, a quick test is showing YES, the attachments work :3
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Good thing about attachments working now, I was starting to miss them.