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Here is a way to have level requirements with out scripts.

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Sailor Man
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So about that money...
Okay I hope I'm explaining how to do this well. I'm calling this the 'Weapon Shrine System' it's kind of like how class changing is in Seiken Densetsu 3, except instead of a mana stone/shrine changing your class it lets you use a weapon when a charcter is at a certain level.

First our example hero is Named Amy, this may seem trivial but it's important. Her final weapon is called Crimson Rampage. First make the Actual Weapon. Then make a non useable item called Crimson Rampage.

Take note of this, at level 20 Amy should be able to use this weapon. To make sure sure she can use it at lvl 20 or higher, make sure she learns a skill at lvl 20, Lets call the Skill Cresent Force.

When Amy finds Crimson Rampage, it's before she is lvl 20. Also, she finds the non usable item, not the actual weapon.

Make a Common event like this... and Name it Amy lvl 20.

Make a shrine an event that looks like a statue or whatever you want. Make it either Action Key or Hero Touch.  The event Command for the Shrine is Common Event, and the Common Event called is Amy lvl 20. And that should be it, if her level is high enough the Item version of Crimson Rampage is replaced with the actual weapon.

**If you have a party of four people make the Shrine like This

And yes you have to repeat the process of making a real and fake weapon, making sure they learn a skill at the appropriate level and make a similar common event for each person.

Also I'll admit there are some good and bad things about this method.

Good ~ It's n00b friendly.
Bad ~ The level Req for a weapon HAS to be a level where a skill is learned.

Give some feedback...

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Koopa Troopa!
cool not bad, wouldn't really help me (I'm trying to get potions that teach you skills)