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New tutorials

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Level 90
After this month comes to an end I should have some free time on my hands once again, hopefully, and with some of that free time I might work on some new tutorials.  Some of my current ideas are as followed for tutorials:

Cut scenes--([In progress] How to make a scene play out and when to use it.)

Unique Abilities--(Creating unique abilities such as double casting, powerless casting, lifetransfer, powertransfer, health to power, double/tri/quad hitting, transforming/summoning, etc...)

Story Plotting--(Creating an interesting story and learning how to add unexpected twists as well as other hidden supprised.)

Misc Ideas--(Creating 'random' dungons, epic quests planning, additional questing [Tasks].)

NOTE: This is not a guarentee of any sort or kind, however, I will try to work on one or more of these systems.  I am unsure if all of these can be done, however, if they can I will try to learn and explain them in the clearest manner possible.

I decided to notify everyone so that I could get both responces as to which of these tutorials would be most desired, and what other tutorials would be wanted that is not mentioned above (no scripting/RGSS/Ruby tutorials as I don't know it well enough to teach it).

With any luck these will be as big of a contribution as my variable tutorial.  Hopefully we will find out soon enough.

Eclipse: Darkness Arising
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Level 91
err... (there are so many explaining on how to do all of them around... meh...i suppose you can try to top the rest but that's really not needed)

here is a good challange for you though:
make a battle system that by random chance sends you into battle with a monster, the battle will be with diffrent monsters setted outside the game, basicly whateva rmxp/rm2k3 got, inside it can be whateva type you'd like it to be, abs , turn based, you name it.

the trick:
you have to make it 100% without the normal system and the normal random encounter system and without any script

and if you'll call me crazy i'll try doing it myself (i already got a plan) and if i fail it might have really been crazy :P

have fun.

(oh and you can make it a tut: how to make battle systems from events!)
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Yeah so that people will get off their lazy asses of script searching and code what can be coded. :^^:
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