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whats better?

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Absolutely the one chosen by fadark
Level 94
im sure this has been done before, but what do you think is better, RMXP or RM2003?

Level 92
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my vote is cast, but im sure it has been done mannnyy times before. :roll:
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Level 91
I have also casted my vote.

If you know how to script then it's obviously Xp.
My vote has been casted.

Level 89
The 2003 version is so limited. I can't put flash pics in there, the graphics are crappier though they do have face graphics.

I like 2003's battle system, but XP's lets you see what they look like in detail. On top of that, the XPis rid of that pasky world map. I always hated that, and did my games FFX style.

Resident Cloud
Level 91
i agree that rg maker xp has more features but it missed out certain things. il switch to it once ive finished the game im working on now

Rep: +0/-0Level 90
Well, RMXP is better in my opinion, but the battle system in Rm2k3 is really good, I really don