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End Of The Road For RMRK

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Huh, I guess I never posted anything in here. Well, it doesn't really feel like goodbye. RMRK has simply taken a new form. I do miss the old forum days, but Asgard RMRK isn't a place, it's a people. And we'll continue to be a people until we're all either sick of each other, or shuffle off this mortal coil.

It'd take me a fortnite to get into every facet of why I love this place so much. We've had so many good and bad times together. I met my soon-to-be husband here. I met my best friends here. The entire trajectory of my life was changed because of this place. And even though some of us no longer talk, or are no longer with us (R.I.P. evilM00s  ;9) I love each and every single one of you, even Animefan.
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