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Maker4D - the 3D RPG game maker engine

Maker4D can do 3D RPG-s with pre-rendered background, and real time 3D battle. (Similar to Final Fantasy 7 or 8, or Alone In The Dark). It is also capable to make Visual Novels, and it can dynamically switch bethwen 2D or 3D mode. Maker4D is a free RPG game maker engine that automatically generates your playable 3D characters from 2D picture of your hero.

Maker4D has no editor, it automatically generates the game based on the files you created. To make a game with Maker4D, you have to do a directory for every room (map), then copy the background to the map directory (background.jpg), and put your playable character in as hero.png. Maker4D can be also used to create 2D Visual Novel games.

With Maker4D, you can create your game within a few hours without any programming or modeling!

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I have released the Android version.

-Android 4.0 or above is required to use the engine.
-1.4 GHz CPU (arm v7 or above) is needed for playable speed.

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2019 april 22.
-Some graphics bug causing a line on background on some computers were fixed .
-Animation code is now more optimized.
-The software renderer is optimized.
-Fixed a loss of keypress-processing on very low frame/second when running on Linux.
-Added new code paths for x86-32 and ARM builds that uses more branching and less FPU instructions.
-5% overall speed-up. 40% speed-up on old Cyrix based computers.
-More than 50% speed-up in the Android version on ARM CPU-s.

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2019, april 30.
-Background menu music now can be in .wav format
-50% speed-up when generating 3D characters, resulting faster teleportation
-10% speed optimization in rendering.
-Fixed a graphics glitch on Cyrix, Vortex86DX, IDT WinChip, AMD K5 processors.
-Shadow rendering has been optimized.
-Modell loader is optimized, now the overall loading speed is almost twice as fast.
-Fixed an input-doubling bug with Windows9x.
-Background was mistakenly not rendered when NPC mode battle system automatically engages if entering a map.
-If there is only one hero on the scene, the battle system now still displays the avatar.
-Automatic teleport chain now properly processes scene settings.
-Fixed segmentation fault with missing attackname1.txt when battle system engages with flawed text parameters.
-Hero avatars was not properly restored after loading a game.
-Fixed a bug causing the collision engine staying engaged on dead enemies.
-Fixed an ID bug in object management.
-New menu element allows to gentle exit from the battle system.

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2020, dec 09.
-25% speed-up on Linux and Windows
-Audio engine can be disabled on vintage computers

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2021, march 30. - Massive engine upgrade
-Speed optimizations in the animation system and in the renderer
-40% speed-up on every platforms
-Added support for 64 bit ARM linux systems (ARMv8)
-Support for background animation in 3D mode added
-A new camera angle has been added.
-Fixed a bug that covered out error messages in some cases.
-Support for executing the games directly from CD or DVD discs: save games will
be automatically saved and loaded from the HDD in such cases.
-Full screen mode can now be toggled with the f button on your keyboard.
-Halfscan rendering mode can be toggled with the h button.
-Battle camera system was redesigned.
-Hero walk speed is redesigned, the protagonist will accelerate more if you press the key for a good half second.
-Character walking speed is increased by 10%.
-Fixed a rendering glitch when an enemy gets activated directly after teleport, or after loading a game.
-Now the NPCs can sit.
-Increased the number of possible attack options in the battle system from 5 to 10.
-On 64 bit systems, battle system will use texture filtering on the background, if the texture size is small.
-Texture filtering can be activated on small background textures.
-On Windows 98 if there is an ISA sound card assumed, the playback is throttled down to 22.025 KHz and 8 bit sound sampling.
-Battle system now can play a win and lose sound effect at the end of battle.
-Map background musics now can be played from the data directroy, so no need for duplicate music files in some cases.
-Music will not be restarted, if the same music file is being requested to play when walking between maps.
-Attacks with magic will use a different camera angle in the battle system.