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skills costing items?

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Posting here to help a friend of mine, he's using VXAce and is trying to make an Alchemist character. The idea is that the alchemist uses skills (eg. Bomb) and then those skills cost items instead of MP/SP/TP/whatever.

So instead of going through the items menu to use 'Bomb' it is a skill instead and that way only the alchemist can use the bomb (similar to ammunition, except you don't equip it).

I found Yanfly's Skill Costs Script, but I can't seem to make it work with items? If someone can help me figure that out it would be great.

Otherwise, is there a way to make it so only a specific character can use a specific item?
Eg. Only the Alchemist can use 'Bomb' from the Item menu, as he/she is the expert in explosives ;)

Thanks for the help!! I know my pal will appreciate it.

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The item menu should have tick-boxes that allow you to select who can/can't use an item.

I can't help with the scripting, I don't know RGSS that well.

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That script is awesome. I've used it before and it will do what you're looking for.

Let me go back and find the game to see what I did and offer up some advice.