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Anyone know how I can contact the authors of these scripts?

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As the title says, does anyone here know how I can contact any of the authors of these scripts?

Or perhaps know who they are on a different forum? Their email perhaps?

I would like to ask their permission to use these in a Patreon supported (but otherwise free) project.

I got these mostly from rpgmakervx.net, which is dead now, so that could create problems with contacting them.

Any help with these is much appreciated. Thanks!

Command Menu Customization
KGC Custom Menu Command V 1.3 by [Aindra Edition]
Last Update: 2008/08/28 - Written by TOMY     
Translation & Extended Updates by Mr. Anonymous                 
KGC Site: 
Translator's Blog: http://mraprojects.wordpress.com

Prexus Party Manager
By Prexus?
Website: Unknown

Cybersam Key Scripts:
Version 4 by Cybersam
Website: Unknown

Animated Battler Graphic script
Version 1.01
Author: Neonblack
======== Cont ========
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at

Author:  Moghunter

Animated Battlebacks
Author: jmoresca
Last Update: July 18,2009

Variable Window Snippet
Author: Jet10985
Helped by: Piejamas, BigEd781, Mithran

Permissions given list:
Spoiler for:

Modern Algebra Lock/Unlock Music Script:

Override Change BGM/ME
Version: 1.0
Author: modern algebra (rmrk.net)
Last Update: July 12, 2010

RSSBS - Reedo's Simple Side Battle System
Version 1.0
Last Update: January 7, 2010
Author: Reedo

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Sent messages to MogHunter, NeonBlack, and Modern Algebra.

I used the member list at http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com and on here to try and locate some of the others.

Permission was given by Modern Algebra. biggrin.gif
Permission was given by Reedo. biggrin.gif

Found Prexus at RMweb. Message sent.

Possibly found Aindra. Message sent.

Could not locate TOMY. Possibly using a different user name now?

Could not locate Mr. Anonymous.

Could not locate Cybersam.

Could not locate jmoresca.

Found Jet10985 here. Likely an inactive account but message sent anyway.
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Been interested in buying from this person, coolstuff4sale2, because he has a few parts I would like but £££££ too high. Just wondering if anyone knows them or if they are a member here.

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