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[Writing] Zodiac Signs

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Right so I have this idea for making a series of games based on where the main character's traits/personality is heavily influenced by their Zodiac Sign. I decided to start with the Capricorn sign and right now all I'm doing is writing up information on what would be in this game (Heroes, Villains, Main Story etc).

500 years after the Rule of the Gods, the human race who had spend generation after generation being nothing more than slaves, finally gained control over their planet after for unknown reasons the Gods had decided to leave and for the first time in humanity's history, all is in a state of peace. However, the peaceful world that had been created is now falling into a state chaos. The emperor of Farcia; once recognised as a great man and respected throughout the entire planet, is now trying to destroy the countries around him one by one with a mysterious figure working behind the curtains. All while this is happening, 2 soldiers find themselves having to rely on each other to fight people they once called their comrades in order to survive during this time of crisis, a young General of Farcia begins to question the actions of the country she considers her home and an unruly monk finds herself in a sticky situation. What could be happening? Why is the Emperor doing this? Will the world ever be able to stop the Emperor and his empire which is renowned as the strongest on the planet? We follow the story of a group of 4 unique individuals to find our answers in Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.


Spoiler for:
A blue haired soldier born and bred in military army. He is part of a unit called GUARD and was being considered for the title of General before the change in the Farcia Empire. He's a natural with a shield and is the only one in his unit to actually use it as a weapon. He is a very protective of friends and always found at the front of the party when it comes to battle. Although he worries for his friends he is also very trusting and is calm and gentle which is why his peers see him as a future leader. He is always used to working in teams and loyal to the Farcia army but an incident causes him to desert the empire and journey for the truth. He represents the Water element.

Spoiler for:
A blonde haired soldier also born and bred in military army. He is part of a attack unit called STRIKE and was apparently on a shortlist to become a general because of his abilities. His natural weapon is a sword and is also Daiken's best friend and only travels with him during co-op missions otherwise he prefers going solo. He is very cold and distant to others however it seems Daiken is the only one he can tolerate having around him. He is considered emotionless, even on the battlefield however his ability and speed has made him a menace on the battle field, hence he also goes by the title of the "Gold Demon". He represents the Thunder element.

Spoiler for:
A fiesty red-head with a heart of gold. She is a prisoner in the Farcia and somehow convinces Daiken and Ren to help her escape with them. She seems to have a hate for weapons therefore she mostly uses her fist to fight. She is a little wild and outrageous but will help anyone in need. She tends to jump into situations without thinking and is the troublemaker of the party which causes her to drag everyone into trouble. She has a very troubled past and has a hate for the Farcian army. She has impressive reflexes and very resourceful making her a worthy adversary. No one knows why she wants to bring Farcia down or why she is willingly travelling with ex-soldiers Daiken and Ren but she seems to have good intentions (well for now). She represents the Fire element.

Spoiler for:
The youngest general of the Farcian empire and loyal to the Empire. She had risen to the rank of General in the record time of 6 months after joining the ranks as a soldier because of her excellent leadership qualities and her skill with a spear. She is very honest and intelligent and tends to make some of the decisions in the party. She was born in a high class family but never took it for granted and is very generous to the poor and unfortunate. Lluyd joins Daiken's party because she becomes unsure of the Emperor's intentions and wants the truth. Her high sense of justice and trusting nature makes her the bearer of the Holy element.


Spoiler for:
Ruler of Farcia and regarded as the Greatest Leader of this century. He is a descendant from a man called Aribel who freed the people from the rule of the gods. He recently became sick and was unable to govern the country. He was cured a few months before the events of this story and no one knows how. He also recently named an unknown man named Vertebris his second in command.

Spoiler for:
A first-class assasin working for Vertebris and known as "The Black Cat" in the "Otherworld". She is very devious and seems to have plans of her own. Although she appears to be very loyal to Vertebris but she seems to have an "other" motives. Her intentions, unfortunately, are unknown.

Spoiler for:
A being who comes from the "Otherworld" and the messenger between the Emperor and the "Otherworld". He is a silent man, loyal to his duty and a master of magic arts. Rumours say he has surpassed "Light Speed" and is the most feared man in the universe. He has his own reasons on why he wants to help the Emperor take over the other countries. He is a highly dangerous man.


In this world people who can use Mana tend to have control over one element and for some rare people, two elements. After completing a certain mission, the party gains the ability to change into different and by using their personal elements and character, bring a certain style to each class so (e.g. for Daiken, his style of the Knight class might be more defensive than Lenna's style.) So first off is:

Spoiler for:
Knights are balanced fighters and each person focuses on either attack or defence in this class. They use the traditional one-handed sword and shield. They are usually at the center of the party weakening they're foes using skills like Break Blade. Depending on the character they have a unique skills special to them like Water Strike or Holy Blade. They're a reliable choice to have in the party.

Spoiler for:
Thieves are experts of stealing and good with a dagger. They mainly focus on taking an opponents treasure but can cope with battle quite well with their duel wielding daggers. They are highly agile and try to avoid being the center of attention. Just like other classes, depending on who is the Thief, they can use special skills like Steal Soul or Feather Step. Good for stealing unique items and gaining quick cash.

Spoiler for:
Masters of the magic arts and become more dangerous the longer you fight with them. Each character has their own elemental version of this class such as Fire Mage or Thunder Mage. All the characters have their own set of skills like Water Flood of Flare. One of the best ranged fighters however their lack of health leaves a lot to be desired.

Spoiler for:
A ranged fighter who uses bows and arrows. They have unbelievable accuracy able to hit any foe without fail. They are agile making them tricky to kill. Depending on the person you can use unique skills like Blaze Arrow or Lightning Trap. Another great choice for a ranged-fighter.

-Dark Knight-
Spoiler for:
Masters of the dark arts and boast impressive swordplay with two-handed swords. They're unique in that all characters can use one form of magic which is dark magic. They are the only class besides Reaper which can use instant-death skills like Death and Eye of the Storm however, there is in fact, only one person who can bring out the best of this class.

Spoiler for:
Experienced travellers of the world and masters of many weapons. They are the most balanced class in the game which allows them to be useful in nearly all situations. They have a wide-range of skills like Cheer and Swordmaster. Each person has unique skills for this class such as Lightning Fall or Brotherhood.

Spoiler for:
Take to skies and wreak havoc from the air! How you can obtain this class is a secret and will be a joy to use once you can use them. They use nothing but their hover boards to fly and fight they're enemies with. They have a unique set of skills like Float and Speed Up. There is only one person who can bring out the best of this class.

Spoiler for:
Astrologers of the universe who have knowledge of how or why the Gods left the planet, a Masanin uses ancient books to fight their foe. They use unique magic like Moonfall and Aplha to destroy their foes. Each character can use unique skills like Ultima and Flarestar with this class. A Masanin is no laughing matter, should you encounter one, run as far as you can. Only the brave will be able to unlock this class.

Spoiler for:
Master killers of the dark. Ninjas use daggers, shurikens and ninjutsu to eliminate their foe. They are extremely agile and strong. Each character brings they're own unique skills to this class like Shuri Star and Silent Night.

Spoiler for:
Surely the closest definition to evil, Reapers are the messengers of the Devil and they cruelly remove their enemies from existence. As master of the scythe, they share some skills as the Dark Knight such as Death and a unique skills like Time Greaver and 1000 Nightmares. There is only one person who can bring out the best of this class.

Spoiler for:
A special class that has a special bond with their partner and can summon them in times of needs. Trainers are a well balanced class which have a mix of magic and physical skills. They use hammers and can summon their friend to aid. The have a unique set of skills such as Mighty Crush and Magical Hammer. Each person also has a set of unique skills such as Summon Blue or Shine.

Spoiler for:
Having mastered the art of war, Warlords have seen the brutality of battle and are a nightmare to fight against. They fight on their horses and use axes to bring pure destruction to the battlefield. Warlords are agile and gifted in strength but this makes them useless when it comes to defending themselves. Warlords have unique skills such as Charge and Anger and each character also brings a unique skill like Azuric Raid and Devastation. Warlords are the champions of battle.

It may look like I'm posting for a project recruitment or something but I swear all this is right now is theoretical. I intend to add more and more pieces of information until I'm confident I got something solid to work on and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Peace  8)

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Reminds me a bit of FF4, but sounds interesting. :)