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<Base sprites>
<Isometric Sprites>

<<I would like to have sprites that are base no clothes and bald. I need it because i am trying to create a isometric game in the style of Tactics Ogre. I am using 16x16 tiles so it needs to fit into them. I can provide a tile if needed. I need all directions as well as a slash bow and magic (healing and attack magic). I know this is a lot but i suck a spriteing people and this would be a hug help. Thank you in advance. >>

Specific Details
I would like them to mimic Tactics ogre in style. I can create clothes and hair i just need base models.

I suck so i have none

Reference Material

Thank You again in advance for the help.

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They're not great, but I tried.

Based on: http://www.spriters-resource.com/game_boy_advance/tacticsogre/sheet/24152/

If you're okay with them, I can do the back view.

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I want to see the game that you created that would be fun.