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What I'm looking to do.
I'm looking to remake pretty much any game that is ORIGINAL of any kind. With my Kin2D™ engine that the original creator wants to take to the next level with in support of my Kin2D™ and my game distribution service which will be releasing soon. I'm not looking to be hired nor am I asking for any money out of your pocket to remake the game.

Note: Currently the engine only supports 2D games but I am working on a 3D engine that will run on the same system. When this is finished I may do the same thing I'm doing here and devs/games that ended up on this program will have first pickings at being remade on that.

If you are interested in this PLEASE read the whole post it contains details you WILL want to know about this program.

Then why are you doing this?
I'm doing this to support my custom game design creation tool called Kin2D™ and my game distribution service called UnAyphixiated™. I would like to have some games to showcase using the engine, and have content in my store for people to download. Plus I figured this would be a great way to help my fellow indie dev's who want to not be limited by their current engine but don't have a programmer and or the skill. As a side note I will put a link to the game submission form in case you want to put your game on my UnAyphixiated™ shop but don't want to have the game remade.

The submission form can be found Here.

What does the "Kin2D™" and "UnAyphixiated™" software(s) do?
Kin2D™ is a 2D game engine that is hardware accelerated with OpenGL it allows for easy game development of any kind not just one genre meaning if you wanted to make a hack & slash puzzle solver, an RPG or a platformer you can do so. It features, shaders, networking(multiplayer), custom input, GUI, scripting, an intuitive editor that extensible through script and many more things.

Platforms?: Windows, Mac, Linux. (Mobile platforms planned sometime in the future, no console support currently planned. (Quite expensive))

UnAyphixiated™ is a game distribution platform much like steam or origin, desura, uPlay. It allows users to purchase and or download the game (depending on the choice of the developer of course) and it will keep the game up to date and allow users to participate in the game as part of a community. It also has it's own chat client that works in and out of game with an overlay that will hook into any game regardless of language or engine. Cloud-saving, multi-player servers and much much more. We also have an early-access program but we are pretty strict on this.
(As a side note: Any game I choose to remake with you will be guaranteed a spot on the UnAy™ shop, and just because I say shop does NOT mean you CANT release your game on there for free.)

Rules for Applying
1. The game idea must be original. I cannot do your breath of fire fan game, sorry. (I mean unless you have a written and signed letter on the company that owns the IP's letter head saying YOU can remake the game.)
2. You must be the owner of the project, I understand you might have liked the idea and the original creator quit on it but they still hold the rights. (this doesn't count if the owner gave you rights to the game. That's a different story and we can remake it then.)
3. You must be available at least 2 or more hours a week with 1 or more days to work on the game. I'm working with you to remake the game I'm not doing it by myself, this is your game I'm just helping you remake it, take charge of your project and put some work in.
4. 16 or older please, I am over 18 and I am trying to start a business I cannot work with anyone under 16. (even 16 is pushing it.)
5. Legal United States or Canadian residents only please.
6. You may submit as many games as you like but you may be asked to pick one.

My services
Sound Effects
Pixel Art(My specialty is environments)

Ok so I'm interested how do I sign up?
I would like to screen every developer interested personally, seriously if you are interested hit me up and talk to me even if you dont think you'll get picked I would love to hear from you :)
Email: ayphix@gmail.com
Skype: fayte220
MSN: straife220@hotmail.com
yahoo: yai_maktsu@yahoo.com
aim: cloudthetitian

or you can PM me on the forums here. Please don't reply your submission on this thread it will be really difficult to read through and find them.

If you have questions you can contact me or reply to this with them. But make sure you read below I tried preemptively to answer as many as I could think of.

Does the game have to be already made?
No, if you have an idea and want to take advantage of this I will not turn you away. I would prefer that a previous one of your projects or you as a person have somewhat of a following, this isn't required, this is after all supporting my engine and my Distribution service. But if the idea is good enough I will he happy to bring you in on this program.

Are you looking for games only previously made on the engines you said above?
Not at all, even if the game was NEVER finished or even started I would love to hear it. Especially if it had somewhat of a following.

Will everyone be accepted?
Unfortunately no, I don't have that much time so I have to be choosy.

Do I have to have a following or have made games previously?
Once again, no, I would prefer it but it's not necessary.

Will I retain rights to my game?
Of course all rights to your game are yours. You're just remaking your game on my Engine and giving me permission to help with that.

Are you going to charge anything?
No, as I stated before I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart. If you release your game for free I will not charge you a dime. If you decide to sell the game afterwards I will charge a fee at the top of every sale. This is explained below.

May I sell the remake that you make?
Yes, but I will take 30% on the top of each sale for development costs. I'm not asking for anything in advance if your game makes nothing I'm not expecting anything from you. This does not come out of your pocket, it comes off the top of any profits. This means if you decide to try your hand at selling the remade game and you make nothing you don't have to play me a dime.

But why would you take a percentage of the sale if I decide to monetize?
The 30% is negotiable depending on how much work I am doing on your game, this is determined by me and I will be fair. The chances are I will be doing the majority if not all of the programming on your game. (or you wouldn't need me right?) If you are going to be making money off my work I deserve to make some money off of my work too right? I feel as if this is fair, you get to make 70% just for having the idea for the game.

Does this count for steam or over the shelf, etc...?
Yes, if you sell the game I would like to be reimbursed for my work through a percentage of the sales. Once again I stress THIS IS NOT COMING OUT OF YOUR POCKET. just off the profit.

Can I even release on steam or on store shelves if I want?
Yep, so long as for the lifetime of the game you keep it on the UnAyphixiated™ store.

What do you get off of it if I release my game for free? I mean you are asking for a percentage of sales.
If you release the game for free it gets a bigger library on my Digital Game Distribution software. This will cause more people to download and use the service which will attract more developers wanting to use my service/engine. I understand that some things are worth more than money RIGHT NOW, but that being said I'm not going to remake your game and watch you make a living off it. As I stated above I believe my conditions are fair if they aren't please reply and tell me why. I will be happy to discuss better conditions with you.

Will you handle game sales on UnAyphixiated™?
Of course, thats part of the UnAy™ service and if you make it onto this program you will be guaranteed a spot on the UnAy™ shop.

Any other terms or conditions I should be aware of?
The only other two things I can think of is that I reserve the right to use your games likeness, name and identity to advertise with. I'm not taking your rights or saying that I own it, just so that I can say your game is on my service and as part of my portfolio saying I did work on it. The other one is that I reserve the right to have your game be on the UnAy™ shop.

What about DLC?
If the game is popular enough this includes free games. I will consider helping write some DLC for your game.
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and what kind of infrastructure do you have lined up to support such a service?

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and what kind of infrastructure do you have lined up to support such a service?
There's a server hosting company that I have a deal with that handles security and high-end server hosting. Past that I cannot disclose any information about our assets and or practices, sorry. I will say this though I do have a plan and I do know what it takes to run something like this I haven't gone into it blindly. I'm fully aware of the bandwidth and the space I need to run a service like this.

Edit: I should also mention that were focused on indie's not AAA companies. Our service is more social allowing people to connect with amazing indie games and participate in them as part of a community. Giving the developer a direct link to the community and the fans of their product. This is important for things like DLC and sequels.
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