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SCI-FI RMXP Dump - bethesdacam

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Bringing Science Fiction to RMXP, Hardcore!
Hey guys, I thought after all this time I would finally start a thread to some of my Project Gaia resources I have created to share with the RMRK community. Please have fun using these sci-fi elements in your game! Thank you! Please credit! I will keep adding to this thread over time.

 :strike2: Characters:
1. Ariella - Project Gaia
2. Ariella - Project Gaia - Down
3. Alien Robot
4. Chambers

 :roph2: Elements:
1. Cell Computers
2. Electric Pumps
3. Space Balls
4. Cell Computers 2
5. Alien Embryo Monitor
6. Sci-Fi Grave Markers

 :pacman: Arrows:
1. Regular White Arrow
2. Red Arrows
3. Yellow Arrows

 :holk: Boxes:
1. Steel Boxes

 :yuyu: Ground Items:
1. Flashing Screwdriver
2. Flashing Money
3. Flashing Syringe
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