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[VXA] Affect Hit%, Crit% on a skill-by-skill basis

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I was wondering if anyone could point me to, or create for me, a script that fulfills the following criteria. This is a commercial project and you will be credited.

Basically, I want to be able to use notetags in a skill so that the skill itself can alter the critical % and hit % of its own usage. For instance, a strong attack that has a -25% to hit, or an attack that is always critical, or just a physical move that has a +5% to hit. Something in the form of:
<hit: +/-x>
<crit: +/-x>
where x is an INTEGER added to the hit or crit value of the actor (plus equipment,) BEFORE any percentage-based buffs or debuffs are applied. This hit or crit change only applies when that skill is used. It would also be nice to be able to completely override the actor's values (perhaps by omitting the + or - ?) so only the value in the notetag is used (again, then affected by any buff or debuff in play.)

EDIT: Let me be more specific, both for function and intent. Personally, I am using TP skills as physcial attacks with special formulae. What I want is for them, to always hit, unless evasion occurs. I am not looking for Accuracy/Hit overflow (that is, I want it to essentially cap at 100%) BUT I want skills that in theory can be evaded, to be evadable. So, with this script, I want to be able to add an Accuracy/hit bonus, but it will effectively max at 100%, so opponent evade is still normalized.

I would like this to work for players as well as computer-controlled enemies. Obviously, the hit should only apply if hit type is set to "physical attack," and the crit should only apply if critical is set to "Yes." (I am aware of the Success% option, but it doesn't do what I need it to do.)

The only scripts I should have affecting combat are:

Enemy Heal target fix:
Code: [Select]
class Game_Action
  def targets_for_friends
if item.for_user?
elsif item.for_dead_friend?
  if item.for_one?
elsif item.for_friend?
  if item.for_one?
if @target_index < 0

And Yanfly's Ace Core Engine:

Thanks in advance for any help.
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