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Trying to combine two things

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I'm trying to use all three of Cozziekun's EarthBound scripts with Capn Muffin's EarthBound Starter Kit. I'm using RPG Maker XP for this, but Cozziekun's codes are for VXA. I have both versions of RPG Maker.

Whenever I run the game, it comes up with an error. I'm really inexperienced with this sort of thing so I'm not too sure what the errors mean, but here's a screenshot:

Could Cozziekun's codes work with XP, but Capn Muffin's Starter Kit is conflicting with it in some way? Or do I have to somehow convert the Starter Kit to work with VXA and then use Cozziekun's codes with it in VXA?

Sorry if I didn't explain this very well. :( I'm pretty new to this.