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Small linux issue...

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So, here I am, with a real, legal copy of XP (it was on sale so I figured why not), and I've been able to install and run the program fine. Heck, I've even been able to edit my current game, including all events, maps, music, etc with no problem at all. However, when I go to activate it, or use the offline unlock feature, it seems to just hang. Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I just tried the normal activate function, it it looks like it half works. It spins a little while, and then goes to a blank page with a button that says 'click here if not otherwise forwarded'. I guess we'll see what happens if I let it sit for a while (pressed button, no visual response from it, other than the button press action lolz)

MOAR EDIT: Yeah, so it just sits there and does nothing. Open to ideas again...
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